Durham North Carolina Travelfieds

by : Ant Onaf

A travel to Durham will consist of great tasting food, shopping, historic architecture, and live entertainment.  Durham is a city of greatness.  Downtown Durham has once lost its spark, but is slowly making a comeback.  New improvements are being made to shape the existence of downtown Durham.  Other than downtown Durham, it has several places to shop, eat, and entertain including Brightleaf Square, 9th Street, and the well known Southpoint Mall, which grabs the attention of shoppers from the entire southeastern region. 

Durham, North Carolina is home to Duke University and North Carolina Central University.  Durham is tagged as the “City of Medicine" because researchers from all over the world come to Durham to conduct medical research at Duke and within Research Triangle Park a.k.a RTP, which is considered a small city of prominent companies nestled within southern Durham.  Research Triangle Park was created in 1959 but born from an idea earlier than that.  Currently the RTP is 7,000 acres of land with at least 145 organizations whom employ at least 39,000 full-time employees.  Research Triangle Park has been an successful exploitation of the Durham area and has been a great part of the areas growth.

In 1892 Washington Duke donated land to Trinity College who moved to Durham from Randolph County.  Later James Buchanan Duke, son of Washington Duke donated 40 million dollars to the former Trinity College, which prompted renaming the college to Duke in 1924.  Today this college stands as Duke University.  The university and its scaling campus is an architectural masterpiece.

Durham is a historic city with many historic landmarks.  Most of the history of Durham is just that, history!  Durham is a moving forward city with many new industries and new developments, though it still embarks its historic culture and style.