Careers in IT

by : tjacowski

Information Technology is a discipline that has a major influence on how everyone lives. It entails almost all forms of technological advancements which are often used to create, save, interchange and make use of information in its different forms. This may include business data, still images, motion pictures and multimedia presentations. It has proved to be of immense significance, as its presence seems to be apparent in almost every section of life.


It is next to impossible to think of a day without computers and communications. Most of the common applications of information technology includes storage of information, data processing, analysis of statistics, word- processing, communications, designing, accounting, management of information systems, financial forecasts and the control over the manufacturing procedure. There is a continuous development mainly in two sectors, namely, computing and communications.

Basic skills

Information Technology is in a revolutionary phase of development. It is a great industry with respect to employment opportunities. Similar to many other fields, IT recruits hardworking, dedicated, talented and forthright people with some training and working experience. In order to be successful in this field you need to possess the following characteristics. They are:

a)Good Communication Skills
b)An inclination towards problem solving
c)Team spirit
e)Respect for deadlines
f)Analytical and logical reasoning ability

Job Opportunities

Many career options in Information Technology are available. People with high as well as medium skills can also find jobs depending on their areas of interest. Some of the main positions in IT sector are as follows:

a)Systems Analysts And Designers: Systems analysts and designer's main jobs are to examine and analyze a business problem, design an appropriate system in order to deal with a particular problem, install and check the systems.

b)Software Engineering And Design: It requires a substantial amount of technical experience. Software engineers and designers work on very complicated and advanced forms of software that are used to control high- tech equipment and on usage of programs for business purposes.

c)Computer Programmers: Computer programmers are those professionals who feed data for the computers in a language that can be easily interpreted by the computer. They even design programs from the detailed description provided by the system analysts and carry out the logical steps that can be used to do a job.

d)End-User And Technical Support: People who have the experience both regarding computer systems as well as a specific business sector. It can be of immense significance for people without any technical qualifications in IT.

e)Database Controller/ Manager: A database controller/manager's job is to ensure that the database is accurate, user-friendly and is in accordance with the latest ideas and technology.

f)Computer Sales: You need to have basic knowledge of computer fundamentals, salesmanship, and around seven years of experience in computing in order to be eligible to become a computer sales person.

g)Information Technology Manager: The main responsibility of an Information technology manager is to ensure the availability of right equipment and properly trained staffs in the organization along with arranging for the requirements within the allocated budget, negotiating with the suppliers and adapting to the latest developments.

Information technology has become one of the largest fields in today's world and offers good job prospects. You need to have the zeal to stay as well as enable others to stay connected with the world all the time, in order to succeed in this field.