Buying Home in Spain? not Just a Home But a Lifestyle

by : Scott James

If you crave for endless amounts of sunshine, unlimited beautiful beaches , excellent food , an abundant choice of entertainment , and a wide choice of homes at affordable prices , then you will find Spain almost too good to turn down. Although the vast majority of holiday makers (and residents) come to Spain to recline on a beach , there's much more to the country than the Costas and its islands .

Spain offers infinite variety with something for everyone , including terrific beaches for sun seekers and unbelievable scenery with tremendous views and wonderful mountain walks. For those who are comfortable living in cities, there are bustling sophisticated metropolises . For food lovers, you will find some of the best food to be found anywhere and wine to match.

To buy a home in Spain is not just to buy a dwelling but your chance to buy a lifestyle, and as a place for your holiday, second or retirement home, Spain is unrivalled, particularly if you're seeking year-round sunshine.

Why would you want to purchase a home in Spain?

There are a number of extremely good reasons why you would want to buy a home in Spain, although it's important not to fool yourself or try and manufacture something that isn't there with regards to what you can expect. To get a firm handle on what you expect , ask yourself exactly why you want to buy a home in Spain? For example, are you seeking a holiday or a retirement home?

The Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol has the highest percentage of retired persons in the world, when both Spaniards and foreigners are included. If you're seeking a second home, will it be mainly used for long weekends or for lengthier stays? Do you plan to rent all or a portion of it to offset mortgage and operations costs? If so, how important is the property income? Is the decision to buy purely based on investment criteria? Is part of the plan to open up a business and work from Spain? Fairly basic questions I'll admit but they do need addressed, but especially in Spain because of the variety of choices Spain has to offer.

Quite often potential buyers have a number of reasons for purchasing property in Spain. For example, many people buy a holiday home with an idea of living there permanently or semi-permanently after they retire. In a lot of cases the motivation is to start by purchasing a holiday home with the intention of retiring there later on. If this is indeed the case then there a whole number of factors that need to be taken into consideration at the outset than you would need to consider if the motivation was to occupy somewhere just for say a few weeks every year. If, on the other hand, you plan to work or start a business in Spain, you will be faced with a whole different set of criteria. You may be thinking of buying a home in Spain and commuting to another European country to work. Many people are doing just that because Spain has a lot to offer.

Whatever the reasons, living and working within or from modern day Spain is such an attractive proposition nowadays that it is a very hard to not consider.