Best Beaches in Italy

by : Douglas Scott

A taste of La Dolce Vita, Rimini is a town with two faces one is as the largest beach resort in Europe, the other is as a cosmopolitan Italian city with 2000 years of history.

Either way it offers a unique weekend experience for UK and European holidaymakers. Big enough for families as well as Stag and Hen parties to visit side by side, Rimini can offer everything you need for a truly Brilliant Weekend.

  • La Marina
    Lounge on the 15km of beaches of La Marina. The beachfront is by far the number one reason anybody comes to Rimini. 
  • Adriatic
    Remember to take a dip in the Adriatic. The bay is warm and inviting and home to many interesting and friendly mammals. 

Yes, this is an old town, but this is generally ignored by most tourists. Over winter, the whole place becomes a ghost town with a lot of shops shutting until the warm season starts up again.

Downtown are the best fashion boutiques, where is it possible to find the best Italian designer brands such as Gucci, Prada, Armani, and D&G to mention but a few. In late 2005 the first and one of the biggest in Romagna shopping malls, called Le Befane, opened.

It is so big that it changed the landscape of the west side of the city. For typically tourist stuff, the beachfront has small souvenir shops.

If you enjoy scandalising the family or even your home countries postal service, do not miss some of the more risque post cards on sale at any one of a number of the little shops on the seafront.

In Rimini you can find several good places to eat. Since the city is on the seashore it is suggested to have a fish based dish.

Some of the best restaurants are, Lo Squero, Il Lurido, Da Guido, and Marinelli. Usually with every dish you will get the famous Piadina, which is a thin and very tasty sort of bread.

At the beach in the San Guiliano a Mare area, there are restaurants on the beach where one typically dines Al Fresco in warm weather.

Although one might be wary of such establishments, the food is excellent and inexpensive. A typical dinner might cost only 5 to 6 euros for the meal alone. Sometimes they offer a multi plate dinner which is good for 2 or even 3 persons, and for 18 euros that includes a litre of wine.

There are also excellent restaurants just off the main streets.