A Romantic Honeymoon Getaway

by : Andrew Watkins

You needn't spend the earth on Barbados to find the perfect honeymoon getaway, and this oceanfront adobe village concept amidst tropical gardens could be the place for you

A Romantic Honeymoon Getaway in Barbados in an oceanfront hotel needn't be outrageously expensive. There is a very highly rated 22 room hotel on the southern tip of the island called Peach and Quiet. It is one of the best value for money hotels you are ever likely to stay in.

Peach and Quiet was described as a most beautiful place by one guest who used it for her romantic honeymoon getaway. You will as she did, find the rooms beautifully rustic using the Caribbean breezes to keep it cool.

You may if you are used to the big five star 'gin palace' resort find it very different, but Peach and Quiet naturally attracts a different type of clientele, best described as the non package deal holidaymaker. The great thing about this is that you will meet a lot of people from all over the world, who actually think like you when it comes to holiday time, and they chose Barbados as well!!.

The Peach and Quiet is owned by an English couple who have just about got it absolutely right, and they have worked very hard to produce the wonderful ambience that makes this a definite romantic honeymoon getaway choice, even down to flowers on the bed, and champagne chilling if forewarned about the occasion. It is little touches like this, and the wonderful food, that makes this a place for non honeymooners to choose for their Barbados Holiday.

One of the remarkable things about Peach and Quiet is the fact that there is an honesty bar, which works, and that tells you a lot about the quality of the guests. If you like windsurfing, then that is right on your doorstep so to speak, a sandy beach isn't far away for swimming, and you can snorkel at low tide in a pool close by. This is not to forget the hotel's swimming pool which serves its purpose very well.

Another good reason to make this your choice as a romantic honeymoon getaway is the fact that there are no children!!

The degree of isolation of Peach and Quiet, whilst it makes it ideal for a romantic getaway, it nevertheless makes eating out in the evenings a little tricky. The menu at the hotel is however excellent with fish and other choices, to ease that problem, and after all most people are here to relax, or on honeymoon, so it's kind of nice to escape the pressures of modern life, and the noise and bustle of the west coast beaches of Barbados. It is much appreciated that this is a television free environment with no phone and no air conditioning, although the cool breezes render that unnecessary anyway.

Peach and Quiet is as yet still off the radar. A few people in the know rave about it as the perfect Barbados Holiday destination. Most of these people will tell you very little because they love it so much, they don't want you and the rest of the world to find out about wonderful oceanfront romantic honeymoon getaway hotel for a Barbados holiday or honeymoon.