10 Tips To Make Your Stay In Argentina More Enjoyable

by : Alexis Jamison

Argentina is a beautiful place to vacation, to rest and to relax and also to see gorgeous historical buildings and sites. However, it is important that you take note of the following tips to make your stay in Argentina much more enjoyable and safe.

1. Consider Customs: People going into Argentina will not be able to bring in pershiable foods or plants. This includes fruits and vegetables. If you have a permit, you can bring in domestic animals so if you have dog or cat the you would like to bring to the country, make sure that you get all the proper vaccinations and permits before a you plan your trip.

2. Consider The Climate: During the time between January and March, temperatures can rise to 110°F so it can get very hot. So is important that you dress accordingly during those months. Between June and July, the temperature dips quite a bit to 30°F. So you will need to bring a lot more clothes during this time of the year.

3. Using The Restroom: If you're doing a lot of site seeing and find that you need to use the bathroom, stop by a restaurant or a bar. These places are required to have a restroom. The one's in places like Burger King, McDonalds or a shopping mall tend to be more clean. So you will want to stop at those places if you or your child have to go to the bathroom.

4. Drive Safely: When you're driving, you will need to be especially careful because there are a large number of cars on the street and the streets are narrow, especially downtown. Drivers in Argentina also have pretty short tempers, and so you may get honked at a lot, so keep that in mind and don't get too frustrated. You also need to know that like in many places in America, wearing a seat belt is the law.

5. Taxes: If you plan to go shopping, you'll need to know that taxes are 21% and this is already incorporated into the price of the item. If it is not, it will be noted on a sign near the goods that your looking to purchase

6. Ask For Directions. If you get loss, it is perfectly acceptable to ask someone for directions. People tend to be very nice and are willing to help.

7. Tips: You don't have to tip, however, it is a very good practice while you are in the country. They are appreciated welcomed.

8. Measurements: The country of Argentina uses the metric system. So if you are a wondering about the weather, you'll find that it'll be in Celsius.

9. Visas: You will you need to find out before you plan your trip whether or not you will need a Visa. Certain countries, especially those that are near Argentina, don't require a passport. However, you should make sure that you understand whether not you'll need one before you attempt to enter the country.

10. Safety: Even though Argentina is a beautiful of place to visit, like other major cities around the world, there is crime, and sometimes you may be a target because you are a foreigner. If you're wondering about what parts of town that you should avoid, go and ask someone who works at the hotel. They will be able to give you directions in this area. Other tips include always keeping identification on you, never walk alone at night or in areas where there aren't a lot of other people around

Don't wear a lot of jewelry and don't have your valuables in places where they can be easily stolen. If you need to contact the authorities, and there's an emergency, simply dial 101 on one of the public phones along the streets. They are free to use. You'll find that there will be people the streets begging for money. It best to ignore them and not give them money.