Fantastic Holidays to Cape Town

by : Karl Bantleman

As South Africa tries to recover from the turmoil it has suffered, one place is thriving with tourism. Cape Town.

Cape Town is like most towns and cities in South Africa, there are areas that are rundown and derelict, however, in recent times Cape Town has undergone a transmission from an old, poor city to a city that looks modern and offers so much to visitors. Whether it is a trip to the famous Table Mountain or a cultural trip to Robben Island to see where Mandela was held for those 27 long years.

With the influx of cheap holidays available to the public, many operators are reducing the prices on some long haul flights; this offers the perfect chance to see what Cape Town has to offer. Century City is the newest part of Cape Town and offers visitors nice apartments which are a stones throw away from the sites of the city. Table Mountain is a must where you can see the whole of the city from 3,563ft in the air, and for the more cultural visitor you can take a short boat ride to Robben Island and take a guided tour from one of the prisoners who was there with Mandela.

When visiting Africa, Safaris are definitely recommended. There are many different companies who offer Safaris so look at brochures to decide the best for you, there are normally 2 types to choose from, mobile and walking safaris, and it depends on personal interest as to which one you choose but whichever one you do, make sure you have a guide who knows what they are doing in case of emergency. Safaris are good for families on their holidays too, as the kids can experience something they will never forget.

Holidays to Cape Town are becoming more popular and with the exchange rate being at its best for a long time, now is the time to visit.