Holidays - Hong Kong

by : David Collins

With it's bright neon lights, rich history and wide mix of cultures, Hong Kong remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia.

And with more airlines now offering packages for cheap holidays in the island nation, Hong Kong remains one of the most colourful and exciting cities in Asia.

Towering skyscrapers overlook the bays and light up spectacularly at night time, and the city comes alive at night, with a growing casino community and world famous horse racing track.

Hong Kong is a popular stopover for those taking backpacking holidays across Asia, providing an opportunity for an experience of the fusion of eastern and western cultures - from style and shopping to a wide range of cuisine.

For those looking to experience the more traditional side of the city, there are a number of destinations outside of the capitals' neon glory which offer tourists a taste of the old China.

The smaller islands surrounding Hong Kong, there are many temples which offer a taste of the spiritual side of the Orient. The Po Lin Monastery on the hilly island of Lantau contains the worlds' largest statue of Buddha, and remains a major attraction for devotees and tourists alike.

There is a wide range of transportation in Hong Kong, from the colourful buses and tram systems - for which pre-paid 'Octopus' cards can be purchased, offering an easier method of payment which works on public transport as well as restaurants.

The islands' mountainside trams lead up to Victoria Peak - offering the opportunity to look out over the cities' Central district and photograph the cities' world famous skyline.

The Star Ferry offers cheap travel over Victoria Harbour, regularly transporting tourists and residents back and forth from Kowloon - which is renowned for its wide variety of shopping malls and restaurants.

Hong Kong remains popular as a short-stay destination, with three-day holidays offering the opportunity to experience different aspects of Asian culture. For those wanting to stay for longer there are a variety of different theme parks to add a little adrenaline rush to your trip, as well as aquariums and water parks for a touch of serenity during your trip.