Why Jamaica is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

by : Danielle Needham

Are you in the process of planning your wedding? Although you may be more concerned about the wedding ceremony and reception, there will come a time when you will need to start planning your honeymoon. When that time arrives, Jamaica should definitely be examined.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of destinations around the world that are often referred to as the "perfect," honeymoon destination. This may make choosing a destination for your next honeymoon seem next to impossible. So, what sets Jamaica apart from all of the rest? A lot. In fact, you may be surprised just how many reasons there are why your honeymoon should be in Jamaica.

One of the many allures of Jamaica is its beautiful weather. Tropical weather and honeymoons are a match made in paradise. In fact, paradise is where you will be when on the island of Jamaica. With warm weather, regardless of when you travel to the area, you can have the honeymoon of your dreams.

In keeping with the weather, it opens up a world of opportunity for you. Most honeymooners would love to spend their days relaxing by the beach. The weather of Jamaica makes it more than possible for you to spend your Caribbean honeymoon this way. As great as relaxing by the beach sounds, you may want to enjoy other fun water sports and activities. The weather and beautiful beaches of Jamaica can also allow you to do so. Sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, waterskiing, windsurfing, swimming, and kayaking are all popular beach activities. Glass bottom boat tours and horseback rides along the shore are popular activities for honeymooners.

Even if you want to step away from the beach, there is so much for you to do and see while on a Jamaica honeymoon. If you opt to stay at a Jamaica resort, you may gain easy access to golf, volleyball, and tennis. There are also a number of offsite activities and attractions that you can enjoy. For example, Negril is home to Mayfield Falls, the Negril Scuba Centre, and the Royal Palm Reserve. Montego Bay, another popular Jamaica honeymoon destination, is home to the Aquasol Theme Park, the Doctor's Cave Beach Club, and the Greenwood Great House.

Perhaps, the greatest reason why Jamaica is the perfect destination for Caribbean honeymoons is because of all-inclusive resorts. All-inclusive resorts come in a number of different formats. No matter what format you choose, you will likely be pleased with your travel arrangements. All-inclusive resorts combine many of your vacation expenses into one. For example, the cost of most of your food and drinks may be included in the overall cost of your stay!

As nice as traditional all-inclusive travel packages are, you will want to look for Jamaica resorts that are classified as super-inclusive resorts. With these types of travel arrangements, there is no worrying or second-guessing involved. You know right from the start what is included in the cost of your stay. With super-inclusive or ultra-inclusive resorts, you won't just receive some of your food and drinks included in your travel package, but you should find all of them. In fact, premium drinks should be included as well. For that reason, if given the choice, opt for an all-inclusive travel package or resort that provides you with more, as it will be worth it in the long-run.

In addition to choosing between traditional resorts, all-inclusive resorts, and super-inclusive resorts, there are other choices that you will have to make. While on a honeymoon, you are likely looking for privacy and romance. Did you know that you could stay at an adult only resort or even a couples only resort? You can. As much as you may like children, you may not want to hear the playful screams of children playing in the pool on your honeymoon. That is why adult resorts or couples only resorts are a nice option to have.

If a Caribbean honeymoon in Jamaica sounds nice to you, examine SuperClubs.com. They are your one-stop place for planning your honeymoon. With a number of all-inclusive and super-inclusive resorts to choose from, most or all of your honeymoon can be paid for before you even set foot on the island.