Colorado Ski Vacations: Slopes, Scenery, and More

by : Darlene Berkel

Colorado is a dream come true for anyone looking for a memorable ski vacation. It is home to the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and there just is no better place to take a winter ski vacation!

Colorado was once a ski destination reserved for the rich and famous, but now everyone can take a trip to the wonderful slopes and ski resorts of Colorado, and enjoy the great scenery and luxurious hotels. This year may be your turn.

Booking Online

There are lots of companies that can help you plan and book your ski vacation. These companies can help to arrange everything you need for your ski vacation, from flights to hotel bookings and resort passes, and more. If you are able to book well in advance then you will have the chance to take advantage of some great low cost deals, and there are some good off-peak offers too.

Travel Agents

If you have a good relationship with a travel agent from previous holidays, it is worth asking them if they do ski vacations. They may be able to help you out with some good deals, as they have access to a lot of special offers that are not always made available to online travel companies. Often these deals need you to be flexible in your travel plans, as they are typically scheduled during off-peak seasons when less people are visiting the area, and they are sometimes offered at the last minute.

Why visit during off-peak times? For one thing, it means that you will get more personal service since the staff will have fewer visitors to look after, and supplies will be less taxed too. Better service, personal service, and reduced costs. Sounds like a deal to me.

More Than Just The Slopes

Ski resorts in Colorado offer more than just some slopes to ski down. They usually run skiing and snowboarding lessons, and have lots of restaurants that cater to different tastes too. Some of the resorts also have areas designated for sleigh rides and even special snow-mobile sections.

If you've never been on a snow mobile but would like to try one, you can ask for a tutorial session before you head out into the country by yourself. Children can usually ride with adults, or if, you don't want to ride a snowmobile you could take a passenger ride on a sleigh instead.

For extra pampering. look for hotels with indoor pools and saunas. Indoor pools and saunas are perfect for relaxing after a hard day on the slopes. If you are lucky, your hotels pool will have a nice view, and you can watch the clear night sky as you unwind. If you want a memorable family holiday, head over to Colorado this winter.

Regardless of when you visit, you will have am unforgettable experience in Colorado. It is a beautiful place with some great scenery, not to mention the fact that it has some of the best slopes in the world.