Alaska Things to Do: a Summer Vacation Idea for the Family

by : David Reichman

There is a multitude of summer things to do in Alaska. Summers in the Last Frontier mean all the best adventure and nature trips. With its midnight sun firing up the heat, Alaska cordially invites you to get out and explore all the outdoor activities that are sure to pump up your veins with adrenaline rush.

All the fascinating things to do in Alaska can be found nowhere else but outdoors. Engage yourself in multiple sports with the entire state as your playground. There are so many ways to test your physical limits - kayaking, rafting, hiking, glacier trekking and even ice climbing. This trip definitely guarantees one amazing experience after another!

You have the option to join tours with such activities or do everything independently, giving you more time to pace yourself and the freedom to choose which of the summer things to do you wish to conquer first. Whatever you choose, you are sure to have an extraordinary experience beyond comparison.

Kick off this adventurous Alaska summer vacation by exploring the Prince William Sound via kayak. Paddle your way through the world-famous water of Prince William Sound to come face to face with a towering glacier. The company of bald eagles and nesting birds soaring high, and the sea otters lolling nearby just adds to the beauty of the experience. One more thing you can do for more glacier encounters is to go to the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park where glacier trekking is allowed. Dare to challenge yourself even further by ice climbing. Make your way up a frozen river and marvel over the breathtaking glacial topography.

The moderate summer temperature in Alaska allows hiking and trekking enthusiasts to maximize the beautiful and comfortable warm weather by doing the one thing they would never miss to do - day hike. Whatever city or hiking trail you choose - the Flattop Trail Hike in Anchorage, Childs Glacier in Cordova or Keystone Canyon in Valdez - Alaska promises venues that allow you to be close to Mother Nature. You are sure to encounter one of the most pristine environments in the world as you hike past wildflower meadows and habitats of moose, bears and mountain goats. As you reach the top, seize the opportunity to relax and take in the jaw-dropping picturesque view.

Note: Despite the relatively warm Alaskan weather during the summer, it is best to gear yourself up in layers or thick clothing as the temperature gets cooler when you elevate.

Denali National Park is widely known for its wildlife abundance and for housing the tallest mountain in North America, the majestic Mount McKinley. Offering dozens of activities to both Alaska residents and visitors, there is particularly one activity that the park offers that you would find apt to your Alaskan adventure vacation. Since you started your excursion with a water activity, it will be interesting to end it with another. This time, though, with a fiercer extremities to deal with, such as the rapid current. Whitewater rafting through the Nenana River is just beyond words, and would just be the perfect way to complete your list of summer things to do in Alaska adventure.