Top Jamaica Honeymoon Hotel In Negril

by : Ben Thompson

A Jamaica Honeymoon is something to dream about, and The Caves at Negril is the place to make dreams come true. If you are ever going to splash out on a big budget holiday, then your honeymoon is the time to do it.

Yes The Caves is expensive, not just a little expensive but very expensive indeed, but fantastic value for money, because you will be spoilt rotten, and isn't that what you are looking for on your once in a lifetime Jamaica honeymoon.

Do not forget that the room rates are on an all inclusive basis, so you are not only getting possibly the very tops Jamaica Honeymoon hotel, but judged by many aficionados, also the top all inclusive hotel in Jamaica.

What are you going to get for your money, is always one of the key questions.

Well The Caves, first and foremost is in a beautiful place, described by more than one guest as a little piece of heaven on earth, and your voyage to this heaven begins at the airport at Montego Bay, where you are met, and taken in some comfort to the resort. What makes this different, is that there is no hurry, so if you want to stop and eat or do a bit of shopping then that is absolutely fine, which compares pretty favorably to sharing or being driven like a lunatic by a driver who can't wait to get you to your destination.

The accommodations include One Drop and Two Birds which are stand alone bungalows with air conditioning. The Sea Turtle and the Butterfly which are at the southern end of the property close to where you take dinner. The Butterfly is above the Sea Turtle, but the Sea Turtle isn't as private being on the main path, whilst the Butterfly is possibly the most private being the upstairs bungalow, although it doesn't have air conditioning, relying on natural breezes for cooling. It is quite stunning inside with orange walls. The great thing about the Sea Turtle is that you can lie in bed and see the ocean out of the front window.

The there is the Sundancer with two bedrooms, one upstairs, one downstairs each with its own veranda, and with an incredible location near the cliff.

The Macka Tree is upstairs with a huge window overlooking the sea, and the fact there is no air conditioning is offset by the fans. Stardust used to be the owner's cottage, it literally hangs over the cliff, almost like a tree house with 360 degrees of incredible views. It is like a villa on its own. Note that you have to book Stardust on the phone and not online.

All the rooms are quite rustic, you could almost describe them as arty, but they are pretty roomy, and equipped with everything you could possibly want, from a packed fridge to Aveda toiletries, to CD player, loungers, great beds, even CD's to play.

Apart from the sheer beauty of The Caves, and the stunning quality and variety of the food, always fresh with great choices, the privacy, it is the quality of the staff that you may remember more than anything They seem to know what you want and when you want it, almost by telepathy.

If you want a small resort, nice people and privacy and romance in the caves of The Caves then this is the perfect place for an all inclusive Jamaica Honeymoon.