A Bit of Ancient Persia in Greece

by : Dillan Gardner

Any tour to the Hellenistic remains is an unforgettable experience. As you walk along the arcade, fancy the agora as it was, full of vendors of idols from all over the Mediterranean. You have an idea of Greeks in white clothing, Phoenicians and Jews wearing usual light wool, Persians in loose clothes. Imagine that you hear Greek and Punic, many elderly people speaking the olden Cypriot language.
Persia was considered to be an extremely rich area. Gold jewelry was imported from Egypt, excellent ceramic from Greece. There was a wide variety of silk from China; from other land many other materials were imported.
Even Cyprus once was the territory of Persia. Rich families gave educations to their children and taught them Persian language. You can even now observe the remains of the fountain. Ancient Persians would rest there, having light umbrellas, and give advice to the people who asked them. Hyperochides was a very prominent Persial elder. He knew Greek perfectly and never had his meals from the market place for the reason that his diet had sacred limits.
Many families asked Aristotle to give education to their children. Alexander of Macedon was an extremely influential person then. Aristotle was his teacher, and some of Aristotle's numerous students joined the army to documentary report the events of Alexander's battles and later to provide reports of the greenery, beasts and people they met.
Alexander's military companions had already various disagreements after his death, and to many people the hope for a better life seemed to disappear. The great thoughts of young scholars were terribly popular. They imagined the world where every person was happy and lived in quietly and harmoniously. Such ideas quickly vanished because of resentment and ravenousness. The world was sinking in anarchy.
In the history of Persia there was the renowned day when the young philosophers took a boating trip to Syria. There were bunches of flowers, the scholars passed through the agora to their vessel. Fancy such scene and you are sure to have an overwhelming desire to visit this ancient country.