Travel With Khao Sam Roi Yod Mountain Thailand

by : Simon

Khao Sam Roi Yod Mountain Prachup Khiri Khan Province Thailand.

Khao Sam Roi Yod, The height from M.S.L. : 605 meters

Location : Kiu Buri District and Kho Sam Roi Yod Sub-District, Prachup Khiri Khan Province.

Thung Sam Roi Yod is a big pond this is the habitat of various kinds of bird, both local and migrated ones, altogether about 316 kinds.

Khao Daeng scenic viewpoint is around 400 meters away from The National Park-5.00 P.M is the best time to do so, as you can see the sunset and watch birds returning to their Sanctuaries in the evening.

This spot is 1.5 kilometers away from The National Park Headquarter.

Praya Nakhon Cave Praya Nakhon Cave is big and beautiful. At its roof, there is a hole where the sunlight can get in through. The most outstanding thing in there could be "Koo Ha Karue Had Pavillion" with four gable wall.

Laem Sala Beach Laem Sala Beach is the sand beach nearby "Ban Bang Pu". You can reach there in 2 ways :

- By Boat : Take a boat Ban Bang Pu for about 20 minutes.

- By Fooy : From Ban Bang Pu intersection go to Khao Thien. Walk across the mountain for around 530 meters from Wat Bang Pu Temple. Mountain surround the beach.

Keaw Cave Keaw Cave is around 13 kilometers away from Headquarter. In the cave you will see beautiful Stalagmite and Stalactite.

Sai Cave Sai Cave is another beautiful cave in this area. It is in "Kung Ta-nod" village, 9 kilometers from Headquarter. You can park the

footthill and walk further for about 280 meters.

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