How to Go to Phuket City

by : yaeping28

By Air :
Phuket has an international airport; both regularly scheduled and charter flights from around Asia, Australia and Europe bring in more than 2.5 million visitors a year.
Flights to and from Bangkok take about an hour. Thai Airways have an extensive website.
You can also take the daily 25-minute Bangkok Airways flight to and from from Koh Samui, on the other side of the peninsula.
Book your tickets early, especially during the November-May high season.

By Sea :
If you come from abroad by yacht, it's necessary to check in with Immigration and Customs on Chalong Bay, on the southern end of Phuket. For more information, see yachting services page or Sail Thailand (Bangkok: Artasia Press, 2nd ed. 1995).
There are no regular ferry services from other countries.

By Road :
Phuket, 885km south of Bangkok, is connected to the mainland by a 1200m causeway. The bus ride from Bangkok takes 14hrs or more, leaving from the Southern Bus Terminal. Those who've taken the trip more than once recommend sitting well away from the front seats, so that you can't see the road ahead.
There are regular mini-bus trips from Singapore and Penang which are reasonably priced but only recommended for the young, the brave or the hungry for adventure.

By Rail :
An equally gruelling, though very scenic journey involves the night train (with sleepers) from Hua Lumphong Railway Station in Bangkok to Surat Thani, where you transfer to a bus to Phuket.
On the same track, trains from Butterworth in Malaysia (adjacent to Penang) connect with Singapore and stop at Surat Thani.