Photo Galleries of Brazil

by : Ken Wilson

Any worldwide travel guide that is worth your time is bound to include information concerning Rio de Janeiro, the second greatest Brazilian city (after Sao Paolo). It is a widespread mistake to point it out as the capital of the South American country, as it actually was so, up until '60.

In any case, the first images popping up in someone's mind when the name of this great city is pronounced include Sugar Loaf Mountain (PÃ?o de AÃ?Ã?car), the stadium of Maracana, the statue of Christ the Redeemer, beaches such as Copacabana and Ipanema and, of course, the notorious yearly Carnival. These are the first landmarks to identify Rio de Janeiro quickly in amazing.

The South Zone (to recognize it, check out our incredible photo galleries of Brazil) of the city is home to some of the world's most famous beaches and landmarks of Rio, in an area as little as 17 square miles. In addition, if you are a tourist who enjoys a nice relaxing walk, you will be happy to find that most of the top attractions in this area are within walking distance of each other. For example, Copacabana Beach stands only 5 miles away from the Sugarloaf Mountain, as you will find it indicated in a reliable worldwide travel guide.

This famous peak is extensively present in photo galleries of Brazil. It rises from the mouth of Guanabara Bay on a peninsula that enters the Atlantic Ocean. It is 396 meters high, and its name refers to the traditional shape of concentrated refined loafsugar. It's one of many "morros" made of quartz and granite, which rise directly from the water's edge around Rio. As you will find the information in the worldwide travel guide, a cable car with glass panels runs to its top every thirty minutes, and it can hold up to seventy-five passengers. It is actually so famous that it is enough to have a mere glimpse of it to realize that a movie or video is set in Rio de Janeiro.

Photo galleries of Brazil also include images of the statue of Christ the Redeemer, perhaps the most prominent symbol of Rio. It is present in any worldwide travel guide. The idea of building it had existed ever since 1850, when a Catholic priest requested funding for building a large religious monument. However, the idea reappeared in 1921 and out of several designs, the one with Jesus with arms widespread was finally chosen, and the monument has attracted millions of Christians since its opening, in 1931.

You will find all sorts of attractions in Brazil. However, first, just to get a thought of how grand this country can be, check out Brazil photo galleries. You will not feel sorry. On the contrary, your eager for traveling there will increase. Let your imagination run wild for a while with images that display the marvelous Brazil nature and city landscapes. Then, make your reservations, pack your bags and enjoy the real experience. Photos are only a glimpse - genuine excitement starts once you set foot in the country.