Delhi Tour

by : Mandy Chagger

Finding a flight to Delhi might not always be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. Delhi is an area that one should visit at least once in a lifetime, because of the amazing things to see and do. If you can find a flight to Delhi, no matter what you might pay for it, it will be well worth the price.

Delhi is the second largest metropolis in all of India, and second only to Mumbai, or Bombay. The city has a population of 13 million people, and there are almost 22 million that live in the entire Delhi. Delhi is one of the most popular destinations in the country because of its location in Northern India. It is also a popular destination because it is literally one of the oldest places in the world. It is a city that has been continuously inhabited since early civilizations. This makes taking a flight to Delhi on a vacation will provide you with the opportunity to see many historical sites, and to be a part of current, living history.

In the past, Delhi was a major trade route city from Northwest India. This means that even today the interesting ambiance of the old markets mingles with the more upscale markets of today. The historical aspects of these trading markets, roadways, and other areas are second to none. A flight to Delhi should include a trip to some of these market areas.

Delhi is a popular tourist and backpacker destination because of the ancient monuments that can still be seen today, as well as the archaeological sites. Several of these sites are the ruins of buildings and areas that played a significant part in the history of India. Several thousand tourists each year make it their goal to take a flights to Delhi to visit some of these sites.

One of the most popular tourist destinations within Delhi is the Old City, which was built by the Mughals. It served for a very long period, in fact, as the capital of the Mughal Empire. New Delhi, which was built during the British Raj, is also an important tourist destination because it is the seat of government in India. From 1974 to the present, government operations have been conducted in New Delhi, and many tourists plan a flight to Delhi in order to visit some of the government buildings and locations.

Another reason that one might want to take a flight to Delhi is to experience the cultural influences of many people. Because of the massive immigrations that have occurred to Delhi through the years, there are people from all over India, as well as other countries, who have settled here. Just about anyone who has ties to India will be able to trace some of their own cultural roots to Delhi in some way.

Yet, at the same time, a flight to Delhi has many of the main aspects of a flight to just about any other city in the world. Often, travelers take a flight to Delhi in order to get a taste of the Indian city life. The fact that Delhi and New Delhi, in particular, sprang up quickly means that the city culture in New Delhi is something that each traveler should experience in their own way. The city culture is part of what leads backpackers to take a flight to Delhi. With the nightclubs, bars, and other nightlife, one can have a vacation that is full of culture and history, while at the same time full of the excitement of a big city.

The ancient history of this remarkable city is evident along every street and in every area. The interesting variety of culture blends in a city that is, on the one hand modern and up to date, and on the other a reminder of the past. In fact, there are 175 monuments that you can visit which are recognized by the Archaeological Survey of India. A visit to these sites can make your entire trip to Delhi a rewarding learning experience.

Another important aspect of your flight to Delhi should be an awareness of the Indian and British mix of cultures. With old Delhi being one of the most ancient sites in all of India, and New Delhi being mostly constructed and influenced by British rule, you will see how these two cultures have managed to come together to form an entirely new culture of their own.

A flight to Delhi isn't too difficult to find, and you should be able to get there from most of the major airports in the world. You will find that your travels in Delhi are well worth taking the time and money it takes to get there. It will be the experience of a lifetime for you and for whomever else you choose to take along.