Bars in Barcelona - A Guide to Barcelonas Best Bars

by : Gary Hill

Do you know where to drink and hang out in style on a visit to Barcelona? Read on for the ultmate guide to the best bars in Barcelona.

There are so many bars in Barcelona you could write a rather large book on them. Some are very local - some full of tourists - some are favoured by students - others by well dressed middle-classes. There really is something for everyone in Barcelona.

Most bars are at their liveliest from around 11pm and close between 2am and 3am. If you're one of the gang who like to party into the early hours then you'll find that a hand full of places keep their doors open till 5am. There would be more like that but neighbourhood councils and irate residents mean that there is an increasingly rigorous application of noise regulations.

So, drink up. This guide will give you some of the best bars in Barcelona. Hit them soon for a great time and have a few drinks.

Bar marsella is a very popular bar in Barcelona. Ernest Hemingway used to slump over an absinthe or two (or ten) in this bar, which has been in business since 1820. It still specialises in absinthe .... for those of you who don't know it's a drink that should be consumed very carefully and with a great deal of respect.

Your absinthe glass comes with a lump of sugar, a fork and a little bottle of mineral water. Hold the sugar on the fork, over your glass, and drip the water onto the sugar so that it dissolves into the absinthe, which turns yellow. The result should give you a very warm glow and perhaps a glimpse of the famous absinthe "green fairy". Bar Marsella is a unique bar with plenty of history and years of tradition. It's a must visit if you're in town.

The Barcelona Pipa club is another popular bar. This pipe smokers club is like an apartment, with all sort of inter connecting rooms and knick-knacks, most notably the pipes after which the place is named. You buzz at the door and head two floors up. The place has a good atmosphere and is certainly very different from your everyday bar.

Mirablau is a cocktail bar located on the hill of Tibidabo; Mirablau offers one of the most beautiful views of Barcelona. You can clearly see the Sagrada Familia, the sea, Montjuc and more but ... on a recent visit at least ... the service and the cocktails were a bit of a let down.

If city views is your thing then give a thought to The Dry Martini - an up and coming rather posh cocktail bar with an upper crust feel to it. Waiters in white jackets will attend to your cocktail needs and the house signature Martini tipple taken at the timber lined bar or in one of the plush green leather lounges, is a safe bet. Beware the gin and tonic - it is simply enormous. It comes in a huge mug-sized glass - a couple of these and your well on your way.

Lastly, a nice little place called the London bar is your best bet if you want a drink after 3am. Open since 1909, the bar started out as a hang-out for circus hands and was later frequented by the likes of Picasso, Miro and Hemingway.

These few bars are only a tiny selection of what's on offer.

Come to Barcelona and explore the evening scene - you'll love it.