Travel in Germany

by : Michele De Capitani

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Berlin stands in the middle of the region that has been known since medieval times as the Marca of Brandenburg, and which is now the federal state of Brandenburg, with the River Spree running through the middle of it. After a long slumber lasting fifty years, it is now once again the capital of a unified Germany, and is newly considered to be one of the most important European metropolis.

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After the Second World War, Berlin was left completely destroyed and demoralised, squeezed in between the East and the West, and divided both physically and metaphorically by a long wall that cut across the city. Today, now that the Cold War and the events of 1989, which ended in the knocking down of the wall, begin to be just far off memories, Berlin is beginning to think about its own future. New buildings, designed by world-famous architects, have sprung up everywhere in this new Berlin, and although a large part of its historical and artistic heritage was destroyed during the last war, the city has kept its cultural identity and great wealth, with its museums and many monumentsIn general, Flashbooking guides have been written for giving the essential information about the most visited cities in the world and in particular for any traveller or first-time visitor. For a short visit, a week-end, a city break, these free pocket guides are useful printable and downloadable tools available online.

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