New Orleans Hotels Are Open and Ready for Action

by : John Articles

Nearly two years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city the residents and Mardi Gras organizers are up to resume the tradition of holding the biggest pasty in this southwest Louisiana city. Most New Orleans hotels are up and running, repaired and renovated, and ready to take care of their guests with legendary Louisiana hospitality. Whether staying the French Quarter, near the ocean of spending your nights in a bed and breakfast, do not book your room based on free Mardi Gras beads.

Rooms at New Orleans hotels during the Mardi Gras celebration will not be priced the same as during the rest of the year. With accommodations being in such high demand during the party, prices for all New Orleans hotels during Mardi Gras will be considerably higher, regardless of the quality of the facility. Even with trip planning through major travel sites offering discounts, expect to pay a premium price for premium New Orleans hotels.

Staying Closer To The Mardi Gras Action

The New Orleans locals recommend staying only in the better names of New Orleans hotels regardless of whether you are in the French Quarter, Garden District or Metairie Area. Walking from your room to the party is one of the benefits of lodging in the French Quarter, but New Orleans hotels in the Garden District is connected by streetcar rides and shuttle service is available from Metairie hotels for visitors’ convenience.

Celebrations in New Orleans does not end after the first block or two of Bourbon Street and families are finding their children can also be welcome to attractions that are still close enough to the New Orleans hotels that walking or a short bus ride can take them to fun spots for the entire family. Taking the kids on a riverboat ride down the Mississippi can be an adventure they will enjoy as much as the parents’ attending Mardi Gras.

Music, sports and shopping can all be reached conveniently from most New Orleans hotels and all operators offer information about all there is to do while visiting.

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