Career Personality Tests

by : tjacowski

Since most people spend a majority of their life on the job, choosing a career that you actually enjoy is very important for a happy and fulfilling lifestyle. Choosing a career that does not suit your personality can lead to confusion, unhappiness and boredom. People seek to find a career that best suits their natural traits and talents. When your work lets you realize your true potential and utilize your talents to the fullest, only then can you be satisfied with your career.

Personality Tests

Large corporate companies and business houses around the world hire employees by conducting personality tests as it measures skills, abilities, values and interests. These tests determine one's aptitude for a certain type of career and even mention the right job that suits an individual's personality. They determine the personality type; whether you are outgoing or reserved, realistic or imaginative, logical or sensitive, organized or spontaneous.

Personality Tests Help:

-Match individuals to career interests
-Improve employee communication
-Increase team effectiveness and productivity
-Reduce workplace conflict
-People understand themselves and others

How A Personality Test Works

An informal series of questions is prepared and a team of experts analyzes the test results. They examine different personality aspects to form a personality profile. This profile is then discussed within a group, comprising of a panel of psychology graduates and career advisors. The best career choice is made according to the personality type and a detailed report is declared in front of the candidate.

There are a variety of tests that measure your intelligence and skills and assess your ability to succeed in a career. Some are more complex as compared to others. Some might be free of cost or may charge a nominal fee. The tests range from a five-minute color test to an hour-long complete personality test.

1)Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): This is the most important tool that helps to assess a personality type and explore career options. A certain amount of fee is charged for conducting the test. It is fast, secure and confidential.

2)Career Key: This is a free online assessment tool that helps people make the best career choice.

3)Keirsey Temperament Sorter: This tool helps discover what type of temperament you possess and tells if you are an Artisan, Guardian, Rational or Idealist. They also charge a small fee for conducting the test.

4)Princeton Review Career Quiz: A series of questions are answered and accordingly, the best career choice is determined. They estimate your personal interests and usual styles. Registration is necessary for getting the results.

5)Strong Interest Inventory: This tool helps to match your interest with a professional career.

The results of these tests give a fair indication of an individual's personality and should not be relied on as absolute. The examiners analyze the personality profile based on the answers. Taking a few personality tests can acquaint you with new career options that might not have been considered before.

These instruments help evaluate your personality type and explore new career options. A proper match between your job and your personality plays a major role in ensuring job satisfaction. Personality tests will direct you to a profession that will best compliment your personality.