Caribbean Resort Or Edinburgh Castle As A Honeymoon?

by : Anna Stenning

What would make the best honeymoon trip away? Ideally, for me, a place where white sand is plentiful, deep blue sea is warm and the sky is always clear for sunshine tanning. Others prefer a more interactive trip in the city, exploring the sites and experiencing lots of dancing. The best honeymoons are the ones where couples travel to non-commercial places, which many people would not even think of as a honeymooning experience. These places could include South Africa, which would normally suit people looking for adventure rather than romance.

Where most people prefer the Caribbean resort as the first choice of a honeymoon break, others may enjoy a trip up to Edinburgh. There seems to be no real trend on where people should or should not go for a honeymoon. It all depends upon what each pair feels like taking up, though it may end up with a difference in opinion. In this case, if the honeymoon is the focus for the couple into beginning their life together then this should be researched and booked in advance.

Many people like me would prefer to have a honeymoon in the Caribbean resort rather than travelling a couple of hours on the plane up North. However, things have changed from the traditional beach honeymoon. Many couples prefer to spend out their money on the wedding and put the honeymoon on hold; sort of like a gift to look forward to at a later point in time. This could even be a wedding gift, which the couple will receive an upgrade from standard to first class seating on the plane, or even an upgrade in hotel accommodation.

Taking long cruises or train trips around are an unusual choice for honeymoons especially if the trip involves five star accommodation, exquisite delicacies and first class service. People have often spoken of taken train rides across Europe or further. The most popular destination for a train honeymoon is South Africa, whereby couples are able to enjoy the scenery, take a short break visiting specific areas and never have to worry about being stuck in one place all the time.

Cruise trips are best enjoyed as a short-term holiday; those with an uneasy stomach may benefit from avoiding a cruise altogether. These have their own leisure centre, bar, entertainment, night club, spa, restaurant, top quality accommodation and much more to please the eye. What is more romantic about a honeymoon cruise is the view from the ferry and the chance to see something different every day. It makes a very good time to relax together and avoid boredom.

Others have even gone as far as going on adventure holidays, which can involve trekking up the Himalayan Mountain, white water rafting, going on a safari trek in Africa and much more. It all depends on what the couple want and what they feel makes the most memorable honeymoon. Honeymoons do not need to be typically romantic, but one that would make people feel proud to talk about when they come back.