Job Search Cover Letters . . . Flim-Flam or Reality?

by : pmegan

You've been told you MUST USE job search cover letters to succeed. You've been told you DON'T NEED job search cover letters. What's the story?

Let me approach this from two points of view. If you're intent on conducting a "traditional" job campaign, then you want to seriously consider supplementing you resume with a cover letter. But don't even bother if it's going to be some kind of routine, photo-copy of a standard letter you concocted.

Why? Because employers receive thousands of them. These letters all say the same thing. And they get the same treatment that standard resumes get. Trashed!

A job search cover letter can be a valuable part of a traditional job campaign if it's individually written with the reader in mind. An employer will respond positively to a letter that demonstrates the writer has taken the time to learn something about the organization and its needs.

What's more, if the letter contains a proposal that shows how the writer can resolve current issues or make a contribution to bottom line, then it may get an employer's attention. You see, employers really don't care a lot about what you used to do for someone else (which is what your work history is all about). But they can be very attentive to an obviously personalized letter that shows how the writer can quickly become part of the team.

This means you must do your homework and individualize you job search cover letter. Obviously that takes more time than a standard letter. But the response rate is significantly higher. And you avoid the disaster of mass distributing your letter and resume . . . and just hoping for the best.

Now, I told you there are two points of view. You have the option of conducting an alternative job search using non-traditional career advancement strategies. When you do, you avoid all the resume writing and distributing hoopla, and employ amazingly successful techniques that can have you entertaining job offers in as little as two weeks!

How can we guarantee those results? Well, can you abandon the old-fashioned job search methods that we've all been taught is the way you find a job and that can take weeks and months before you land a job? Are you ready to embrace the new, innovative 21st Century alternative approach--one that has rethought the whole job search process from the ground up?

If you can, then you'll join the thousands of job-seekers worldwide who have locked up high-paying jobs in as little as 14 days! And you'll be meeting face-to-face with hiring decision-makers in a matter of days . . . without job search cover letters!