Paris Magic

by : Georginakirk

Paris is famous for being one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world, oozing style and culture. It's a great place anyway but my specific interest in going there was to investigate the magic scene - what feats of prestidigitation are being practised in the French capital that we foreigners can enjoy and possibly learn from.

Whether you are a magician or whether you just like watching magic, there?s a huge amount for you to enjoy in Paris. For me, seeing some good magic enhances a visit to anywhere but it suits Paris particularly well, I feel. The chic, intelligent elegance of smooth conjuring is very much in keeping with the atmosphere of the city of light.

Top priority for my friend and me was a drink and a show at the magic caf-theatre Le Double Fond. Run by a father-and-daughter magic duo, this little place is a hive of magical activity. The show we saw was billed as a sort of open-mike evening for local close-up magicians and we weren't sure how high the standard would be. But what a fantastic evening! Sleight-of-hand, mentalism and mapcap comedy, all delivered with charm and enthusiasm. We loved it.

You?ll also find magic in many other places around Paris: mainstream theatres, restaurants, on a boat cruise, at parties? There?s even a Museum of Magic. For magicians, Paris has several excellent magic shops. The one we visited was as good a magic shop as you?ll find anywhere in the world, I?d say ? and yes, I?ve been to Las Vegas.

Besides magic, a myriad other pleasures await you in Paris. Because the city is so compact, you can cover a lot of ground even if you've only got a few days - although it does make sense to concentrate on one or two areas, rather than dashing through as much as you can fit in. The Marais district, for example, offers Victor Hugo's house (now a museum), the Muse Carnavalet exhibiting the history of Paris, the Picasso museum, some very good shops and restaurants and some nice bars (as well as magic venues).

Next time I'm in Paris, I want to explore the markets, go to a wine tasting, take in a few more museums and experience an evening of traditional French chansons. Actually, there are so many things I want to see and do in Paris that I might have to move over there for a couple of years

Outside Paris there is also lots to see, including Versailles, the Monet house at Giverny, the champagne town of Reims and the Asterix theme park. There's Disneyland too but Asterix makes a change - and he was French, which perhaps gives the park more reason to be there.

Paris has a huge amount to offer and it doesn't have to be expensive. You can stay at a very decent hotel for around 60 euros a night and some advance planning will help you to reduce other costs: getting a museum pass, for instance, is a good investment if museums are on your agenda. The magic of Paris is yours to enjoy and I recommend you get yourself over there at the earliest opportunity.