Vist the Eiffel Tower in Paris

by : Tania Machowska

The Statue of liberty for the United States, the Big Ben in London, and Paris as the Eiffel Tower which it is a remarkable piece of art and a great attraction for tourists who visit Paris.

Construction of the Eiffeltower started many years ago in 1887 and ended in 1889, a master piece of metal by Gustave Eiffel, the architect who was the first to design and built metal bridges that didn’t fall down. Gustave Eiffel lived in the top of the Eiffel until he died.

Gustave Eiffel didn’t really like the design of the Eiffel Tower, it was actually designed by 2 of his employees but when the positive critics kept coming in Gustave Eiffel bought the design and signed eventually with his name. In cooperation with Frederic Bartholdi Gustave Eiffel designed the statue of liberty of New York.

The Eiffel tower is 300 meters high + the antenna of 24 meters, a total of 324 meters but strangely enough the tower shrinks depending of the weather, still out of the 300 meters there can only be a difference of a couple of centimetres. When the temperature is high in the summer the tower stretches out until 15 centimetres extra. The Tower has 1665 stairs, they used 40 tons of paint and 2,5 million nail.

The Eiffel tower opened in 1889 as it was build for the World Exhibition held in Paris a celebration for the French Revolution in 1789. It was almost broken off in 1909, but the local radio stations prevented the Eiffel from going down, the radio stations used the tower for a good reach.

When the mass tourism began the Eiffel Tower became the international symbol of Paris, these days when you think of Paris everybody sees the Eiffel Tower in front of him.

New Years Eve 2000 the Eiffel Tower was enlightened with 1000 of small lights, which was so beautiful and the responds was great that since then the tower always lights up in the evening around 10Pm just for a couple of minutes.

The first platform is kind of an Eiffel Tower museum, pictures, stories, newspapers. Everything that tells something about the Eiffel tower can be viewed over here.

The Eiffel Tower has 2 restaurants, Altitude and Jules Verne. The top platform contains a bar and souvenir shop and the office of Gustave Eiffel.

When ever visiting the Eiffel Tower make sure you are at the top when the sun goes down, a spectacular view.