Los Angeles Theme Park Attractions

by : Vmt Singuillo

So, are you planning to drop by at the Southern California area? The Greater Los Angeles area has lots of attractions that you should not miss to visit.

Just to give you a glimpse of what you might expect at the various theme parks, we give you a bird's eye view of a few of the attractions.

One theme park which features movie themes is the Universal Studios. Its tram
ride tours its visitors around its wide campus, the studios and props of its
movie making facilities. Fun rides include the Jurassic Park and The Mummy. If
you are fond of horror movies, they have a horror feature too. Stunts such as the Waterworld should never be missed. Of course, movies influence a lot of their other features too.

A country side theme is presented by Knotts Berry Farm. Farms animals may be
present for children to pet. Roller coaster rides are also available for thrill seekers. You may even get wet in some rides too. The mystery lodge shouldn't be missed.

Pure thriller rides are features at the Six Flags - Magic Mountain. Everything
are almost thriller rides that pumps your adrenaline and makes your hair standing after every ride. Going south of Los Angeles, the Sea World located near San Diego, is a great attraction for nature lovers. See Shamu - the killer whale together with other killer whale family members perform before your very eyes. Many animals perform their skills and talents. A few thriller rides are also present for fun. Because this is the Sea World, you too can get wet!

To cater to the toys and fun of little children, the Lego Land is another place to
visit. Rides for your little ones are ever present. Last but among the greatest are the Disneyland theme parks. The original Disneyland theme park is one of the most famous world wide - where Disney's Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other Disney characters can be seen. Rides, shows, games and other features are present. It's new sister theme park is the California Adventure which also present great thriller rides, games, shows and more fun.

Words are not enough to describe the parks and the fun that you can perience, thus it is best to visit these parks yourself. A day of stay in Los Angeles is not
enough so  are also available at

Los Angeles has lots of fun, excitement and thrills for every tourists. See you