Maine Travel Guides

by : Kent Pinkerton

Maine is a large state, and travel guides are an essential tool for anyone who is considering vacationing there. These guides provide information on all aspects of the state, including the various kinds of lodgings available such as hotels, resorts, and the bed-and-breakfasts. Detailed descriptions are given on various hotels of all budgets, their locations, and facilities. Convenient maps are provided, which make it very easy to pinpoint exact locations for any newcomer.

One can find information on places of interest, festivals and fairs, important historical places, restaurants, popular galleries and almost all of the other famed spots. This information is organized according to area, making it easier to plan and enjoy vacations. Most guides briefly outline all the famous tourist attractions and recreational activities available for every region and provide details on the various costs for tickets, activities, shopping, etc. They also provide information on rental companies, which is very useful for hiring snowmobiles, boats, and other sporting equipment.

There is an abundance of restaurants varying from exotic seafood and lobster to ethnic specialties around the state, and the guide comes in handy when looking for a memorable dining experience. The climate of Maine can vary considerably, and one can find information on weather, too.

Some travelers have no information about the state, and guides help provide details on facilities such as the public transport and the location and working hours of important public offices. Telephone numbers for as doctors' offices and other emergency numbers can be found. These guides are also an essential tool for people who are relocating.