Beautiful Houses for Sale in Cyprus

by : Kev Moore

If you are thinking about the possibility of owning a home in the sun either as a holiday home or to make an investment then Cyprus should be high on your list. With the Island experiencing a major property building boom you could find yourself on the crest of a property investment wave that looks set to continue for quite some time. In fact Cyprus house's are still selling faster than they can be built and the biggest customer base are the buyers from other parts of Europe including the British. Many Brits are selling up in the U.K. and moving wholesale across to Cyprus.

With Cyprus's entry into the E.U. and the ease of movement into the country for other Euro residents it has fast become a top choice for those seeking to escape the cold for a better life style in the sun. A beautiful Cyprus house is still vastly cheaper than it's counterpart in the U.K. that's including a swimming pool (no use anyway in the cold U.K.) and lots of outdoor space for relaxing or cooking too. The other big attraction to Cyprus is of course the superb Mediterranean climate with the Island enjoying over 320 days of glorious sunshine every year. No wonder that so many Brits are selling up in draughty old Britain and settling on this beautiful holiday Island.

Retirement to Cyprus is also a great idea because there are reciprical pension and tax arrangements between the two countries. A Cyprus house also makes great sense in terms of ownership costs too with your utilities working out a whole lot cheaper than thoses elsewhere in Europe. Then how about petrol at 30% less than the U.K. (what are they doing with all that fuel tax?) and the cost of road tax less than half making motoring the pleasure it once was in England before they spent all your tax on something other than the roads you have paid for. Anyway less of the soap box and more of the joys of finding a house for sale in Cyprus.

The internet is full of information about buying property in Cyprus and there are more than enough Cyprus property agents waiting to relieve you of your life savings but before you go diving in STOP! Don't be tempted to dive headlong into the Cyprus property market until you have done plenty of research and then do some more. In fact the best people to talk to long and hard are those who have already made the break. This kind of foresight could save you a lot of hassle and maybe even some long term heartache into the bargain too if you do it right.

The agents and developers will assure you that the prices are going to rocket tomorrow and you will get left behind unable to afford that Cyprus dream property your are searching for. Or maybe there will only be a few Cyprus houses left because someone else has gone home to raise the money and they are expecting a phone call any minute. This is nothing more than sales hype designed to get the money out of your bank and into theirs before you either buy elsewhere or change your mind altogether. But you won't fall for that will you? Besides you are a serious buyer who knows exactly what they want and you also know that there are dozens of new developments or resale houses coming on to the Cyprus property market every week.

If you really are serious about buying a house or an apartment in Cyprus the best advice we can offer is don't rush in. Talk to those who have already purchased and look at lots of Cyprus houses in as many different areas as possible before you decide to buy. Follow the 48 hour rule and chew your final choices over for that long before you make any decision. Don't be pushed into buying because there will always be another perfect Cyprus house (maybe even more perfect) just around the corner. Enjoy Cyprus and I wish you all the best with your search for that dream Cyprus house.