Vermont Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

by : Amelie Mag

Brattleboro Vermont Bed and Breakfast, also known as the best Vermont B&B, is a dream vacation spot. Nobody who has ever been there can say that they did not have a good time or that the accommodation and services were not perfect. This B&B provider is located in Brattleboro, which is a town Connecticut River Valley, surrounded by hills and mountains. This wonderful location has the unique quality of being very relaxing and yet very exciting. This serene location will help you relax after all the difficult work you do, but in the meantime, here you will find many interesting things to do to keep yourself busy and happy.

One of the best experiences you can have at this Vermont B&B is to eat Amy's breakfast. This is a unique experience as the two-course meal contains great culinary innovations, such as homemade applesauce parfaits or asparagus wrapped in fresh bacon, or grilled pineapple with fresh ham and many more. Make sure you try Amy's Perfect Pancakes as they are now in the competition for "Best Pancake in America". You can even take these wonderful products with you home through receipts that Amy will be happy to give you.

If you are a romantic and you come to this luxurious Vermont Bed and Breakfast for a weekend, with your special someone, why should you not surprise him or her with one of our packages? You can order an exquisite bouquet of fresh flowers beautifully arranged by a local florist.

You can ask for any kind of flowers, we will find them for you and we will deliver the bouquet to your room with your personalized card. Another romance package includes a bouquet of fresh flowers of your choice and a chilled bottle of champagne or wine you can drink while enjoying some rich locally made chocolates in a bed made up with luxurious satin sheets.

If your man was not exactly thrilled about going away on a romantic weekend at a Vermont B&B, get him the Good Sport package that contains chilled local beers with some manly means & cheeses all in a steel bucket. On the other hand, maybe you would like to go on a picnic. This Vermont Bed & Breakfast offers you the possibility of enjoying the wonderful hills and scenery while serving a fully catered meal that comes with everything a good picnic requires.

If you are wondering about the accommodations and about the price of such an adventure, you should not worry. The Vermont B&B opportunity offers luxury sweets and luxury services, but keeps the prices low, so that you can afford this unique and unforgettable experience. If you have come to enjoy Vermont with family or friends, you should try the cottage that is totally private and independent from the main house and has enough space for your group. If you are here for a romantic weekend or on business, you should try another room, depending on what you like or want. Each room is unique just like you are not like every other tourist. We understand this perfectly, here, at our Vermont Bed and Breakfast location.

You should not wait anymore to start planning your vacation or even a special event you want to celebrate at this Vermont Bed and Breakfast location. The price does not even come close to the luxurious conditions our unique Vermont B&B has to offer and you have the guarantee of a good time there.