Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado

by : Robert Benjamin

When traveling in Colorado the best place to visit is the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City. This is the world's highest suspension bridge and it also has the highest deck to surface clearance of any other bridge in the world. The bridge is located in a park combined of 360 acres that hangs an amazing 1,053 feet over the Arkansas River. Two other rivers, the Rio Grande and the Denver, flow under the bridge as well at the base of the Gorge. At only 18 feet wide and 880 feet long this bridge doesn't appear big until you start walking on it. Then, the width seems increasingly smaller and the length seems to go on forever. The walkway is comprised of more than 1000 wooden planks and it is hard not to wonder what would happen if one of the planks broke when walking over the bridge. The bridge is suspended by two 150 feet tall towers.

Amazingly, the bridge was constructed as a tourist attraction back in 1929 and it only took six months to build the bridge. The price was $350,000, which was a lot of money back in the '20s. But, ever since, the Royal Gorge Bridge has been one of Colorado's biggest tourist attractions.

The best time of the year to visit the Royal Gorge Bridge is during the spring and summer months when the weather is warmer. The fall is also a good time to visit. Those who head out in the winter must bundle up well otherwise they might freeze! But, since you can drive over the bridge it really doesn't matter what time of year you visit. The one thing that is amazing is that when you go across the bridge, whether on foot or in car, is that you feel as if you are in the clouds. It's kind of like you are flying!

There are other shows and rides in the Royal Gorge Park that will keep you entertained throughout the day and the trek across the bridge will culminate the trip. Park prices are $21 for adults and $17 for kids. However, October 2 through April 27 is the off season and tickets are buy one get one half off. Prices during high season are $23 for adults and $19 for kids. So, if you want to save money visiting during the off months is a good plan. Park hours are 10 am all year long and closing time depends on the time of year. Sometimes the park closes at 5 pm and other times at 8 pm. You will need to check the park's schedule before you visit to see what the hours are for your trip.

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By Robert W. Benjamin

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