Looking for a Prospective Employer

by : pmegan

Meeting face-to-face with a prospective employer is where it all happens. And you thought all you needed was a good resume!

We've been saying for years that a resume is not going to get you a job. But what happens when you establish rapport and chemistry with a hiring decision-maker . . . well, that's where all the action is.

The reason for that is very simple. No employer worth his/her salt is going to bring someone on board who doesn't fit into the team. A prospective employer will make that decision based on a number of critical perceptions. These are listed in order of importance.

1. Sense of chemistry and rapport with the job candidate. In other words, a prospective employer has to feel some connection--not necessarily related to job qualifications. Or, to put it another way, a prospective employer, at some level, has to like you.

2. A clear perception that the candidate will productively fit into the team.

3. Assurance that the candidate has the requisite skills and credentials to do the job.

4. Presentability. Remember, an employer has to show you around to his/her boss and colleagues. Therefore, you have to represent his/her values. Prospective employers try to look at you through the eyes of their colleagues.

5. Work history.

Now, these observations are based on interviews with hundreds of hiring decision-makers. To a person, they have told us that what you used to do for a previous employer (as outlined in your resume) has the lowest weight in their decision-making.

It makes sense. Put yourself in their shoes. You would want the confidence of knowing that your new employee fits in. That you feel good about him/her. And are proud to show off the new kid on the block.

None of that is going to be gained from a resume. Or, for that matter, from a routine, traditional interview where you sit passively and do your best to jump through all the hoops and answer all the questions correctly. These old-fashioned methods simply don't provide a prospective employer with enough of the critical perceptions needed to make an intelligent hiring decision.

So, what's the right way?

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Doesn't that beat the weeks and months you can spend doing it the old-fashioned way?