Maine Vacation Rivaled by That of Prince Edward Island

by : Amy Nutt

Imagine for a moment the swell of the ocean with waves cresting before they settle to lap gently at the shore's edge. Imagine miles and miles of soft, silky sand in colors from white to champagne, from pink to red. Imagine the sound of sea birds soaring high over head. Imagine too the warmest waters north of the Carolinas .

Imagine yourself on the gentle island that is Prince Edward Island.

A departure from the every day, a Prince Edward Island vacation offers that to rival a Maine vacation, or a Hilton Head vacation for that matter.

A quick flight over PEI reveals just how much golf there is to be played on the gentle island. From above, thanks to gorgeous rolling greens interrupted only by the sand, water and woodlands, it looks like one giant golf course. And with more than 25 inviting golf courses, it almost is.

Much like Maine, your Prince Edward Island vacation is alive and teeming with natural beauty. From the water comes world famous Malpeque oysters, the popular PEI mussels , and lobster. You may also indulge in the many varieties of fish caught and served fresh from the ocean or from the many rivers, brooks and streams that wind their way across the smallest of Canada's provinces.

As with the riches from the ocean, there is a diverse and beautiful landscape that traverses the island. From rugged cliffs, to sand dunes that stretch for mile upon mile,,this gentle island supports an ecosystem that deserves preservation, and is home to the endangered Piping Plover, and efforts are taken to protect this shorebird.

The island is the perfect blend of farm, forest and sea with a history and culture that is as rich as should be expected of the province that is home to the birthplace of Confederation. Maine can make no such claim.

For the recreational tourist, there is so much more than world class golf courses and warm, sandy beaches. Hundreds of miles of hiking or cycling paths run from tip of the island to the other end. Through its network of national and provincial parks, Prince Edward Island offers up picture perfect flora and fauna, enough to seduce visitors into many late-afternoon strolls.

From shopping to golfing to simply sitting at the shore's edge, there is as much to do on Prince Edward Island as anything a Maine vacation might offer, with the added bonus of having visited another country. Perhaps quiet but hardly quaint, this gentle island is robust and alive. Whether your accommodation choice is that of a campground, hotel, or quaint bed and breakfast, Prince Edward Island offers up a multitude of accommodation choices to suit any taste, or budget.

Discover a vacation oasis just to the north of Maine, and should you find yourself enamoured with the gentle island, you may just decide to put down roots and stay.