Enchanting Northern Iceland

by : Dagur Jonsson

Untouched and still very natural along with big and open landscapes, freezing glaciers, hot geysers, active volcanoes and so many others are the attractions of raw Iceland that attracts the tourists from other countries to visit there again and again just to enjoy the world's greatest wilderness sites where history, culture, drama, natural scenery all combine together to make a visit an unforgettable traveling experience. As it is known to everyone that Iceland is full of surprises and natural beauty wherever you go, let us see what North Iceland has got for the visitors there.

This part of Iceland is an unreserved, enchanting area, where one can find all the attractive aspects of this country i.e. culture, flourishing society, endless chances of entertainment, beautiful nature in all directions and outdoor recreation as well. One can see the flowing springs when the sun melts the snow on the mountain peaks in the summer season. This is the time when some love to swim or play golf while some enjoy fishing, hunting, horse riding or going on some adventurous trips to the sea and rivers. Everything is available here and everyone can choose what suits them or what they love doing. Some adventures like road trip to other towns, to other isolated islands, towards highlands to get the view of the mountains, to hot springs, waterfalls, volcano craters are the very famous adventure trips in northern part of Iceland. Out of all those, trip to highland is the most unforgettable of all. The season of autumn brings new colors for north Iceland while the winter is a special season there as winter sports are played with lots of interest and passion. The most special and worth mentioning is the northern lights which when seen in the dark provides inspirational and spiritual inspiration.

It is believed the northern Icelanders are the best horse riders. Most horse rental agencies provide amazing riding trips through the country. These trips go through the untouched and charming nature of Iceland along the coast to the scenic mountains. In many parts of northern Iceland, exhibitions are held to promote horse riding in the country.

After tiring hiking there is a health and freshness related natural activity. Relaxing in warm water and feeling the tiredness get out of the body is the best relaxing attraction of northern Iceland. Naturally heated swimming pools are found in every town of northern Iceland. Small pools have their own magic as they are of different temperatures. Nature has provided natural bathrooms where a tourist can enjoy bathing in midst of the enchanting nature.