Montreal the Largest City in Quebec

by : Douglas Scott

Montreal is the largest city in Quebec and the second largest in Canada, with a metropolitan population of 3,359,000. Montreal is one of two large islands in this part of the St Lawrence River and its highest point, Mount Royal, is 761 ft high. The entire island of Montreal became a single municipality on January 1 2002 although this has been reversed recently in the case of 14 of the suburbs.

Whether you are with your family, a group or alone, here are some ways to take advantage of all Montreal has to offer, for example Olympic Stadium, Pointe a Calliere Museum, Bonsecours Market or Mount Royal.

With the flavours of so many cultures on every corner, eating out is nothing short of a culinary adventure. And while French cuisine is ubiquitous on Montreals dining scene, other distinctly innovative and imaginative menus have also emerged on the cities tables. To taste this abundance, just step outside. True to its reputation as a gourmet destination, dining in Montreal is an odyssey for the senses as well as high art. Chefs here make it their business to not just dazzle your taste buds, but to thrill you with dishes that are equally mouth watering, inventive and refined.

A cultural heart of classical art and the venue for many summer festivals, the Place des Arts is a complex of different concert and theatre halls surrounding a large open spaced square in the downtown. The Place des Arts harbours the headquarters of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, which performs in its halls regularly.

The plaza on Place des Arts is the home of the most important events during several musical festivals, including the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Osheaga Festival and Montreal Francofolies, a festival of French speaking song artists. During the seven to ten days that last each of the two festivals, shows are held in a wide variety of venues, from relatively small clubs to the large halls of Place des Arts. Some of the outdoor shows are held on cordoned off streets while others are on terraced parks. The most popular festival, in terms of attendance, is the Just for Laughs Festival. A comedy festival held in both languages, it features comedians, humorists, and stand ups from all over the world. The Montreal Fireworks Festival also attracts a lot of attention.

The city of Montreal is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic, however, church attendance in Quebec is among the lowest in Canada.

Montreals climate varies a lot over the year. The city is known for its cold winters, but its summers are hot and generally sunny, with occasional muggy days. May and October are arguably the pleasantest months for outdoor activities and walking.