The City of Chicago

by : Douglas Scott

There are two airports that you use located in Chicago. They are the OHare International Airport and the Midway Airport. OHare Airport is the main one and it is located some 17 miles from downtown Chicago. Midway Airport on the other hand is about 10 miles from the centre.

Its easy to get around Chicago on the transportation system which is the second largest in the United States. One great thing about it is that at times you can get a free Trolley Service around the city yes its free to ride a weekends there are several Free trolley routes and the one to Navy Pier runs daily from 10 in the morning to 6 at night it runs every twenty minutes. Get the current details from your hotel. Take advantage of this public means of transportation to get around the city of Chicago. Since you dont need to ticket or anything you just jump on and take off to see the great city.

Be sure to see as much as you can of this fantastic city. Always be safe while youre making your way around the city Chicago and be sure to have a camera to take some pictures for your memories. Its a good idea to wear comfortable shoes while youre sight seeing as there can be a lot of walking involved. The best plan is to set out a sightseeing schedule for a few days you dont have to keep to it but it will mean that youll fit in quite a lot during your visit.

Chicago is a great city with beaches for the water lover in you. There are quite a lot of beaches. In fact there are 15 miles of them and many trails and cycle tracks. Youll just love all the fun you can have in Chicago. It is a city of culture and beauty. Great restaurants, nightclubs and fantastic theatres and museums. There is so much to see and do in Chicago. Youll want to spend lots of time just wandering around this beautiful city.

Lots of great places to go and dance or have a drink and see live entertainment. With so many to choose from you may wish to try a few in one night or just try one each night youre in the city. With so many to choose from we know you will have a wonderful time taking advantage of the great nightlife. Nigh time in Chicago is always fun and interesting so get ready and get out there and enjoy it all.