Job Seeking Passion . . . Ignore It At Your Peril!

by : pmegan

I've gotten a lot of feedback about job seeking passion over the years.

Some of it concerns the passion with which you attack the job seeking process itself. Some of it refers to the passion you must show an employer if you have any hope of getting hired. They're both important. But there's a subtle difference between selling passion about something and being passionate.

In either case, there's no doubt in my mind that employers want to hire people who are passionate about the work they're doing. If you're unable to show passion you have only a small chance of being hired--though a prospective employer will probably never tell you that's the reason.

For example, just wanting a job isn't enough to get it. It's not enough just to be passionate about the job. You have to be able to demonstrate that you are a passionate person on the inside. Employers look for that. And if you're serious about job seeking, then you better take a close look at yourself to see if you are communicating job seeking passion. It's that important.

Unfortunately, we've been taught that the way to get a job is through the resume. Resumes don't get jobs. Only people with job seeking passion get jobs.

It's not enough to go into an interview determined to answer all the questions directly and honestly. It's not enough to rely on your work history to sell you to your next employer. If that's all you have going for you, you ignore the real underlying requirement of passion at your own peril.

For those of us committed to the alternative job search revolution, we've known about the importance of job seeking passion for years. We've understood that in the final analysis an employer would rather have someone on his/her team who was passionate than someone who had all the required experience.

Understanding this and focusing on it as part of a comprehensive non-traditional career advancement program has turned our customers into winners time after time. The reason for this is very simple. Things have changed a lot, especially since 9/11 and Katrina.

Employers have much higher expectations. And one of these expectations is that they're only interested in candidates who show job seeking passion. And this is shown by taking the time to learn something about the organization and the hiring decision-maker--specifically their goals and passions.

The candidate with job seeking passion will come forward with ideas about how he/she can make a difference to the organization and contribute to the passion of the employer.

Check out the alternative job search revolution. It can turn you into a winner, too!