Californias Endless Attractions

by : Reggie Andersen

With a variety of geological wonders and intriguing larger-than-life tourist attractions, the popular state of California is filled with amazing nooks and crannies to explore. Many honeymoon getaways and family outings have taken place under the warmth of the beating sun, which offers an array of rocky coasts, majestic mountain peaks, sandy beaches, and infamous landmarks for all to discover. The charm, beauty, cultural significance, endless outdoor pursuits, and allure of California is never-ending, as a multitude of fascinating locations provides the perfect vacation destination.

Los Angeles & Hollywood

Known as the big city of dreams, this is the location where many up-and-coming stars of the movie screen have found their niche in one of the most famous homes regarding movie studies, directors, and screenwriters - Hollywood. As the second largest city in the United States, the southern coast opens up to ritzy communities, popular surfing outlets (Venice Beach, Santa Monica Beach, and Redondo Beach), the sights and sounds of Beverly Hills, as well as the original Disney Land.

San Francisco

To enjoy the beautiful views of one of the most striking destinations within the United States, you will find delight in paying a visit to San Francisco, where rolling hills and a never-ending blue bay offers sights of breathtaking coastal mountains and other surrounding natural beauty.. It is here that antique cable cars pass inclined streets, the Golden Gate Bridge beams, and the many facets of Golden Gate Park come to life.

Yosemite National Park

The alluring scenery associated with Yosemite National Park offers the wondrous sight of nine waterfalls, which is a popular stop for sightseers, backpackers, and rock climbing enthusiasts.

California Wine Country

A romantic getaway for two or the wine aficionado will definitely enjoy exploring the fine wines cultivated in California with a trip to Napa Valley or Somona Valley. Many locations offer free tours open to the public, as well as free wine tasting adventures.

San Diego

With a satisfying climate and plenty of sunny days to share, the tropical beaches of San Diego also provide easy access to the Mexican border. It is also here that one of the most impressive zoological parks in the world can be found.

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo provides access to a wealth of interesting creatures originating from across the globe, including gorillas, polar bears, and giant pandas. Some of the main exhibits associated with the zoo include the Monkey Trails, Ituri Forest, Polar Bear Plunge, as well as the Horn & Hoof Mesa.

California Bodies of Waters

Throughout the state, a refreshing collection of rivers and other bodies of water decorate the terrain, including the Sacramento River, San Joaquin River, San Francisco Bay, and Klamath River.

Palm Springs

Premium golfing outings in California usually take place in Palm Springs, where fantastic golf courses, classy eateries, and upscale shopping are situated.

Sequoia National Park The preserves situated between Los Angeles and San Francisco supply backpackers and lovers of the great outdoors with the perfect outlet for catching a breath of fresh air and admiring some of the awesome sights of nature.

The list of main points of California and popular tourist attractions is never-ending, as one may never truly experience all the state has to offer in entertainment, excitement, fun, natural wonder, and cultural beauty.