The Red Sea Riviera - the pearl of Egypt

by : Sharon Harris

Egypt is just 5 hours fromthe UK, more affordable thanthe UK,and is a place that offers very good rental opportunities. Egypt is notexpected to suffer economic decline during the global downturn, as its sourcesof revenue are from Middle Eastern banking systems and trade, a region widelypredicted to withstand the external pressures that will influence the rest ofthe world’s markets.

Egypt’s year-round lovely climate – especially on the Red Sea - is just one ofthe many benefits of this superb place, not to mention the very good tax laws(no capital gains or inheritance tax), very good capital growth predictions andvibrant and exciting culture and people.Egypt’s prime area is, andSharm El Sheikh inparticularly – fast becoming known on a around the world asthe destination to be on the Red Sea. Sharm ElSheikh is a luxury region filled with resorts and big named hotels, restaurantsfrom around the world, water sports and golf course. And, to top it off, the Red Sea offers some of the best snorkelling and scubadiving in the entire world.Egyptis a unique market, unique because luxury front-line development with qualityproperties are being constructed at a fraction of the cost as other resortareas.? is vastly underpricedand the demand for these properties clearly outweighs the supply. Fewopportunities still exist anywhere in the world to purchase premium beach frontproperties at baseline price levels, particularly within this close proximityto Europe. Apartments in Egypt can startfrom as little as ?26,068.The excellent priced properties are complimented by a string of other benefitsin Egypt.The fact that the tourist market is only increasing and expanding atexceedingly fast rates is a great indicator for the rental market. The touristindustry is established and thriving and this will remain the scenario with Egypt. This isone of the primary reason people choose this place as the rental market is yearround and will always be healthy.

Affordable cost of living making affordable holidays is another attractivebenefit to this magical place. Egypt’s road infrastructure in the area is wellconstructed, a further bonus compared with other countries that require thepatience of waiting for supporting infrastructure to catch up to the demands ofhigh visitor numbers. Now is the time to invest in an? while prices are incredibly under market value.