Larnaca Cyprus. Something For Everyone.

by : Kevin Moore

Larnaca in Cyprus could be described as the resort with everything. It's a major municipality, a town and a holiday resort all rolled into one. It's also home to the Islands main airport and and boast a great selection of shops too. Add to that a pretty marina along with Cyprus's main port and Larnaca certainly appears to have plenty to offer holiday makers and residents alike. That's before we get started with the historic buildings including a medieval fort and several other listed buildings. There are also several modern industrial estates on edges of the district and a thriving commercial center too. There's a modern promenade thronged with trendy sea front cafe bars, restaurants and the obligatory fast food chains for the youngsters.

The beach at Larnaca is one of the best in Cyprus and is actually man made though you wouldn't have guessed so. Most of the restaurants and cafes run opposite the beach making them the ideal place to relax whilst taking in the superb view. It's a nice stroll from Larnaca marina at one end to the ancient medieval fort at the other. Across the road from the marina is a small public gallery and a beautiful paved area built around an ornamental fountain. Some of the buildings in Larnaca are centuries old and many of them have been painstakingly restored to their former glory. A short walk to some of the quaint back streets behind the main promenade will reveal many more that are still awaiting renovation.

The history of Larnaca stretches back further than any other part of Cyprus and the town has been continually occupied since the bronze age. The town is built on the ancient site of Kition which was in fact once the capital of the whole of Cyprus. Legend has it that the original city of Kition was founded by the grandson of Noah and the biblical connections don't end there. The church of saint Lazarus in Larnaca square is actually named after the same Lazarus that Jesus raised from the dead. The legends say that after his resurrection Lazarus traveled to Cyprus where he became the Islands first Bishop. The church is actually reputed to have been built over his tomb and visitors can go down into the tombs below the building. Like most of the churches in Cyprus Larnaca church is beautifully adorned with icons and intricate decor.

Ideally situated only a few kilometers from the airport the town has become a thriving vibrant community. In 1974 following the Turkish invasion and subsequent occupation of the North of Cyprus Larnaca offered to accept 40,000 refugees. These displaced persons tripled her population to a then 65Business Management Articles,000 inhabitants. With great motorway links to all the coastal resorts and the capital Nicosia the town is perfectly located for those wishing to visit the Islands many places of interest. With the recent boom in holiday home purchases Larnaca has also become something of a property hotspot. The fringe coastal villages such as Oroklini make ideal settings in which to own an apartment or villa and the prices are still quite reasonable compared with other parts of Cyprus. In fact many locals are selling up and buying villas in such places due to their out of town exclusivity which in turn is creating some prime locations.

With so much going for Larnaca it is no surprise that it is earmarked by many to be the next Cyprus property boom area. With this in mind many speculators are investing in off plan purchases on these new developments. They plan to profit from the rising market by selling when the developments are completed. The speculation is being further fueled by the proposals of a larger modern marina for the berthing of luxury yachts and a possible golf development. Golf sun and property are part of any speculators mantra so this is bound to affect values. If the area didn't have more than enough to offer already these new proposals could turn it into an investors dream come true. So maybe if you are looking to invest in a place in the sun you should take a look at Larnaca Cyprus.