Private Investigation: Search Strategies Made Easy

by : rSean

Private investigation has so many various services involved; it has become one of the most versatile businesses out there. You can do it as a self employed person, which so many people are looking for today to create their own schedules. You could work for a Private Investigation firm working solo or with a team of other Private Investigators. You can work full time or part time, you can perform surveillance or perform investigations and searches from home it is up to you! You can do so many different things in Private Investigation (PI); it really depends on what you are looking for! To help you out, let's take a look at what PI work is all about.

The Nature of Private Investigation

Determining what areas you are most interested and proficient in, there are many different methods private investigators use. There are different types of surveillance and search methods used for investigation purposes. A PI may want to look at an individual's income at their place of employment or public records.

Being a private investigator myself, I have always used computer databases and searches to aid my investigation. They allow a private investigator to easily and quickly obtain information on individual people. You can access things like prior arrests, civil legal judgments, convictions, past addresses, current address, phone numbers, memberships, motor vehicle records and other useful information on individuals. A little bit scary, huh?

Investigations on the Internet

If you are interested in private investigation (you should be after reading this far!) you should know you can also find a highly technical Internet crime investigation service offered by ICS. They use computer engineers, a highly certified network and forensic technicians - they're serious about what they do.

For private investigation, finding the sites with person tracking resources are invaluable! Checking addresses, doing reverse address lookups and reversing phone numbers can all be done from your office computer. Check out Just enter in the state, city and address you can find the address and zip-plus-four code of the person you are looking for. Also you can search for residential phone number, e-mail address and business. There are many more resources such as AnyWho, but we'll discuss those in a future article.

Online investigation tools are investigative software that allows private individuals to access corporate information and governmental information all available through the internet. Even those links and hidden pages that private individuals don't know how to access or don't know about. Even databases that aren't listed on search engines all can be found with the right tools. You can find voter registration records, vital records, vehicle ownership, driver records, criminal records and business records. This takes time, but is all part of private investigation work. Just imagine what it was like before the Internet age.

Tools to Save Time

There are hundreds of software packages out there that claim to be a PI's best friend. This is great news, but just be careful about what software you're buying. Let's review two different tools that I have found most effective.

#1 Net Detective
Net Detective is a new and exciting tool for Private Investigators that will save time and money. Search for people, places, or things. It can search for public and court records, adoption records, criminal records, assets, copy of FBI file and locate people.

#2 Spy Tools Directory
The Spy Tools Directory offers spy tools such as, phone taps, people search wizard, criminal background checks, secret agent software, FBI files, dkinvestigation and information about how to become a private investigator. A great resource for new and experienced PIs.

Private Investigation Firms can also find on the internet. Get a cup of coffee, make sure you have about an hour or two and do a search on your favorite search engine for "Private Investigation Firm" - you'll find a lot of private investigation firms that are ready to take your case!

Our job as private investigators has become much easier with the onset of the internet and the many online tools it comes with. It just helps make investigating fun and exciting. The best part, though, is that you can do so much of it from home.