Puerto Rico - the Perfect Place for a Dream Vacation

by : Clint Jhonson

Puerto Rico is one of the most "hunted" places for a vacation by tourists all over the world. And it is no wonder why the popularity of this place is so high... Its rich culture, beautiful landscapes and wide range of choices regarding how to spend your free time during your staying are pretty convincing for anyone.

If you think heaven is out of reach, then you should try choosing as a travel destination Puerto Rico. The climate is so generous that it will certainly make you feel like a million bucks. The constant temperature of about 82.4 ?F (28 ?C) that does not ever change drastically is the dream of every tourist, from wherever he/she may be. The lowest temperature ever in the Puerto Rican island had a value of 4 ?F (4 ?C) and it was registered in Aibonito.

"Caliente" is the word that describes this great place and I'm not talking about temperature here - or, at least, not only about temperature. What are you really looking for? If your answer is "an unforgettable holiday", then you have picked the right travel destination. Puerto Rico is the perfect place for you. Just try to imagine a place where in the winter the weather is just cool and you are not freezing, a place where you can peacefully lay down in a comfy hammock and listen to nothing but the sound of the waves crashing in the sand in a gorgeous beach.

The Puerto Rican culture is also a fascinating subject that you should try to know as much as you can during your staying. Puerto Rican culture is "de facto" a perfect mixture of four cultures: African (from the slaves), Spanish, TaÃ?no (Amerindians) and more recently, North American. For example, from Africans, the Puerto Rican people have obtained the "bomba and plena" which is a unique type of dance and music including maracas and percussions. From TaÃ?no (Amerindians), Puerto Ricans took a lot of names related to foods, musical instruments - like the gÃ?iro and maracas - and their municipalities. But there also are other words, as well as objects that have originated from their localized language.

Once you visit the Puerto Rican territory, you will have a hard time in leaving it when your vacation is done and you have to get back home with your family. Because it is nothing easier than filling out your schedule with fun and enjoyable activities here, in this beautiful island. The beautiful and wonderful beaches are perfect for you if you are a surfer and a beach lover and if you are a party lover, the great non stop nightlife is quite alive here, so that you will never get bored during your staying. Or you can always go and get in touch with the elements of the fascinating Puerto Rican culture mentioned in the paragraph above.

Puerto Rico is, my friend, the place where you will always come back again with pleasure. Its outstanding geographical position, great weather, wonderful people and excellent cuisine are just a few of the "ingredients" that lift the island to the status of a top travel destination. It is not just something that I am making it up right now and you don't have to take my word on it. Check it out yourself and you will see that it is all real.