Whistler Blackcomb, a Fabulous Winter Holiday Getaway Holiday

by : Ken Wilson

Winter sports and the fantastic mountainous landscape made the small Canadian town Whistler British Columbia, famous. In case you haven't heard of it yet, you certainly will, as it will be home to Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. The Whistler Olympic Village, also known as the Athlete's village, will be the host of around 2,400 athletes, coaches, trainers and officials. If you are a fan of winter games, you must not miss this event. The town is situated near Whistler blackcomb mountain, in the Rocky Mountains along the west coast. Travelers from all over the world come here to enjoy the natural scenery and a wide range of winter sports: skiing, snowboarding, glacier skiing and many more. During the summer the tourists can relax here and try mountain bike riding, river rafting or horseback riding. The town is only 2 hours away from Vancouver and six hours away from Seattle (USA).

Winter sports like ice skating, snowboarding and skiing are good for your health. In addition, you get to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the snow and the fresh air. You probably spend a lot of time indoors at work and at home, so a change would be more than welcome. The superb natural landscapes will surely charm you. Can you remember the days of your childhood, the magic of the holidays and the first snow? Even if you are not a child anymore, you can still enjoy the beauty of winter. In Whistler you can spend a pleasant and relaxing vacation, in the middle of the nature. What can be more agreeable than having a hot drink next to the fire place, after a busy skiing day? Away from the crowd and traffic in the big cities, away from the stress at work, you will find peace and relaxation and leave Whistler blackcomb with unforgettable memories.

Unlike other places where the development of tourism destroyed the natural environment, in Whistler the urban landscape was specifically designed to accommodate the environmental conditions. Here you will find black bears, which sometimes happen to adventure in the town looking for food. Don't worry, they are completely docile and harmless. If you are passionate about skiing, you must know that Whistler blackcomb has been rated as the very number one ski resort in the world by "Ski Magazine", due to the combination of extensive terrain, good snow and famous nightlife. The ski season has already started, so what are you waiting for? The snow is waiting for you.

Accommodation is not a problem in Whistler blackcomb as you will find here several large hotels, restaurants, bars and vacation homes. During the 2010 Olympic Winter Games , the resort will host the alpine skiing, biathlon, cross country skiing, ski jumping, bobsleigh, luge and skeleton competitions. The Olympic village or Athlete's village will be located in downtown Vancouver and will host more than 2,000 athletes, trainers, coaches and officials. After the event it will be converted into a residential neighborhood. If you want to be sure that you won't miss the Whistler 2010 Winter Olympics, it would be a good idea to book your accommodations now. Even if there is still plenty of time left, you can imagine how crowded the place will be, so searching for accommodation a couple of years earlier is actually a wise decision.