Getting Caught Up in the Craze of Winter Holidays

by : Karl Bantleman

Christmas and New Years are times that you spend with your loved ones, but an increasing amount of people are now choosing to spend this time abroad. According to a recent survey, a record number of 3.5 million people have booked flights during the Christmas period, with 22nd and 30th December being the most popular dates to travel. The question is why is their an increasing number of people looking to get away?

One possible answer is the number of options customers have nowadays. They can compare so many different prices on various websites and find the best cheap holidays there are. Many people want to get away from the often stressful times of the festive period; destinations such as Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin and New York have proved to be favourites this year.

It is not just airports that are going to be busy this year, Eurostar has had to put on an extra 6 trains to cope with demand with an estimated 150,000 people booking their holidays and travelling via Eurostar. So what about those who have chosen to stay in the UK? Well, 90% say they would swap the inevitable problems of Christmas at home for a fortnight in the sun.

People booking holidays during the festive period is not abnormal, however, year on year the number is rising and the public now prefer to swap the cold winter weather for some European sun. It will be interesting to see whether or not this trend continues as the options for customers grow. Next year, destinations such as Goa, Dubai and Egypt are likely to be the nation's favourite destinations.