Dont Make a Move Until Youve Discovered Your Career Options!

by : pmegan

If you're seriously considering a career move, this is the time to explore your career options!

Most of the time we think of ourselves, our lives, and our careers in terms of straight lines . . . moving ahead on the path we're currently on . . . doing more of the same.

But, every so often something happens that causes us to rethink . . . some bump in the road in our personal life or maybe in our work life. Sometimes we just get tired of doing the same old thing and we realize it's time for a change. Or maybe for our personal or family growth we understand we have to upgrade or advance ourselves.

Sometimes that's scary. When we're comfortable in what we're doing it can be threatening to think about moving in another direction. If making a job or career move is the answer to your sense of restlessness or your need for advancement, then this is the time to explore all your options.

But how?

It doesn't have to be a traumatic experience if you understand that at the end of a systematic process you will arrive at a place you are once again comfortable with. And if discover your option in an open-minded and intelligent way.

The starting point is NOT a review of all the different opportunities out there and whether they match your needs. Instead, the starting point should be a careful review of who you are and what you've got going for you.

That's because, wherever you are, you're a lot different than you were when you first entered the job market. However many different jobs or assignments you've had, each one has added to your skill base. Understanding those skills, especially the ones that are readily transferable to other work situations is a good starting point for exploring options.

You key transferable skills (not your work history) will suggest a direction you can intelligently follow as you pursue your next step. There are other critical factors in your background that can set a direction for you. We call it pursuing a Failsafe Career.

Fortunately there's a fabulous program that can help you systematically build a track to run on. And when you see all the possibilities you're qualified for, you'll be amazed at how many career options doors are open to you!