Choisong Hotels or Apartments in Rio

by : Andre Skowronski

Today we are goingto provide you with an important tip when traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:Hotels or vacation apartments?

?( Okay, we knowthat today there are so many places to go that even to chose between vacationspots can be a problem: Michigan Fishing Resort, San Diego, Manchebo beach,Waikiki, Maui beach vacation, Lake Hubbard fishing resort, etc…the list isendless. )

In case you decidedfor Rio, the best way to go for lodging is to stayin a vacation beach rental or vacation apartment, instead of a traditionalhotel. The basic reason is that vacation beach apartments have proven to be awinning proposition for local and international tourists who seek for fun,quality, security and privacy in Rio de Janeiro.? Many hotels do not allow guests or privateinvitees in their facilities. If you stay in apartment in Rio, you are able tolive the spontaneous life of a true Carioca (name given for those born in cityof Rio), whiletaking profit of the comfort you deserve when traveling abroad. Dream touristsnow desire a new kind of proposition for rental accommodations in Rio: the enjoyment of a true local experience. (Touristsin Brazilwant to be able to wear bikinis and flip-flops in fashion to the currenttrend.)

There are severalrental agency sites that offer apartments in Rioas beach vacation rentals. You can choose between accommodations with hot tubs,ultra luxury suites, and even warming oceanfront views for example. You canfind furnished apartments and houses in best beach neighborhoods in Rio such as Copacabana, Ipanema, Flamengo, Leblon, Botafogo,and Lagoa. Today, there are hundreds of vacation apartments to choose from.? Type in “Vacation Apartment in Rio" in Google and see the list of rental agencies thatshow up in English.

?Vacation apartmentsin Rio may vary significantly: In most of thecases, you can choose between cheap, budget, economic, quality, luxury andsuper luxury units in different type of rentals like apartments, penthouses,studios, lofts, houses, condos, bedrooms and even villas! Prices also vary fromUS$ 30.00 aday for a room to several hundred US$ a week.?Some oceanfront penthouses in Ipanema can cost up to USD 2000.00 perweek. Also, be careful if your rental business contacts are rude.? That could be a headache in the future.? Be sure to use the apartment reservationprocess as a way to "check-out" the company you are dealingwith.? Most of the rentals agencies in Rio take Paypal, Credit Card, and wire-transfers.Next time whenvisiting Brazil,plan ahead. Search through the rentals company’s site, choose the vacationapartment, negotiate well the price (especially from March until October,period considered low season) and reserve the desired option. If you followcarefully these tipsPsychology Articles, you will have the romatic beach vacation of your life!