Most Unique Hotels Around The World

by : Niall Buchanan

These hotels are so unique that you will want to stay forever or maybe not. From unusual to eye-popping, here are six of of the most unique hotels around the world.

Most Unique Hotels Around The World

  • 1) Ice Hotel – Sweden
    Fancy staying in a hotel that is completely made of Ice? The hotel constantly changes as it is rebuilt every year so it is never the same place to visit twice. It is 200 km north of the arctic circle, you have a choice of accommodation available, from the traditional ice rooms which have everything made of Ice and where the temperature is minus 5 degrees. Or the warmer wooden cabins which have more traditional furnishings and also have heating inside. Rooms from $88
  • 2) Strawberry Fields – Jamaica
    Strawberry fields is a luxury resort which is situated on the hills over Kingston, here you enjoy excellent five star accommodation. One of the most unique aspects of this hotel is the spectacular views from the room balcony which sees you waking up amongst clouds at 3,00ft. The packages available are all inclusive and you can enjoy some excellent food with fine dining options available. Rooms from $200

  • 3) Iverlochy Castle – Scotland
    One of Europe’s top hotels. A traditional Scottish castle in the Highlands region. A multi award winning hotel that gives you the chance to live within a castle for a few days. There are 17 bedrooms in total and all of them boast facilities of the highest standard and have stunning views of the surrounding mountains and extensive grounds. It is only a short drive from the outdoor capitol of the UK, Fort William and also from the city of Inverness. Rooms from $390
  • 4) Jules Undersea Lodge – USA
    Spend a night sleeping with the fishes in this underwater hotel. There are only two rooms available and you can enjoy meals and unique views of the passing fishes. To get to the hotel is an experience by itself as you have to dive 21 feet below the sea before getting into your room. Rooms from $188
  • 5) The Burj Al Arab – Dubai
    The tallest 7 star hotel in the world. Measuring 828m. It is housed on an artificial island and is also one of the worlds most luxurious hotels. Here you will find the highest level of luxury and a truly unique experience. Basic Rooms starts from $875
  • 6) Kakslauttanen (Glass Igloo) - Finland
    Stay in a snow igloo, a log cabin or the coolest thing ever a glass igloo! Lie in your bed with your loved one and watch the Northern Lights for a one-of-a-kind vacation. 30min ride away from the nearest international airport at Ivalo.

    The surrounding environment is one of the cleanest you’ll find anywhere in the world. The water is so pure that you can quench your thirst straight from a stream running down the fell or the lake into which it flows, and the air is so fresh that you can feel it deep down in your lungs. Up here, winters are cold and summers comfortably warm.