Insurance for Visitors to the US With Pre-Existing Conditions

by : C.raysondeo

Pre-existing conditions insurance for visitors of the USA is a kind of visitor insurance plan that you need to purchase if you face with an injury, sickness, illness, disease or other medical, physical, nervous or mental condition, ailment or disorder that existed at the time of application or at an period during the X words to effective date of insurance whether or nor manifested or symptomatic, treated or disclosed, diagnosed prior to effective date including any subsequent, recurring or chronic consequences or complications related to or arising there from.

Most of the visitor health insurance or visitor medical insurance policies offer types of visitor insurances providing for the pre-existing conditions. Often there are negative connotations associated with the term pre-existing condition as it may prevent you from getting health insurance coverage or may likely make you pay a costly premium when coverage is obtained. Certain forms of pre-existing conditions like arthritis, obesity, pregnancy and depression.

Each individual visitors insurance plan and individual insurance company prepare their own list of preexisting conditions and work on their own standards when it comes to providing insurance coverage for those stricken with the conditions. It is necessary to take appropriate care while purchasing preexisting conditions insurance for visitors of the USA. It is also important to take a note of all the exceptions to the preexisting conditions that the visitor insurance plan or the insurance company has detailed.

Many a times, health insurance companies providing people with visitor medical insurance and visitor health insurance, need insured people to undergo a waiting period before covering their preexisting conditions covered under health insurance policy. Many of the companies have a waiting period of twelve to eighteen months before paying the medical bills related to the pre-existing conditions.

The visitors insurance for preexisting conditions is supposed to be expensive. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to obtain a visitors insurance policy that will give the coverage you desire for. The preexisting conditions insurance for visitors of the USA also has some exclusion periods. Many times it happens that the insurance companies try to discourage the people from waiting until they get sick in order to purchase the visitor medical insurance or visitor health insurance policies. The best way to do this is impose the preexisting condition exclusion periods. This means that if you have a medical problem which is prevalent, you purchase the visitor health insurance; the insurance company will deny all the claims made pertaining to this medical problem for a certain period for time.

The visitor medical insurance that will cover your preexisting conditions entirely depends upon the nature of the condition, what treatment you have had or you are having, how long you have had it and some more factors that need to be taken into account.

Thus, it is vital to consider and purchase the preexisting conditions insurance for visitors of the USA. It is best advised to purchase this kind of insurance policy so that you don't end up having preexisting condition but no coverage provided for it, when you go abroad.