Short Term Visitors Medical Insurance

by : C.raysondeo

The cost of health care around the world is rising and an unforeseen illness or accident can cause a great financial catastrophe. A Short term visitors medical insurance provides a comprehensive temporary visitor health insurance or visitor medical insurance that guards you besides the shattering costs of unanticipated medical bills.

The duration of a short term visitors medical insurance extends from thirty days to about a year. Nevertheless, there are other factors like the state of residency that need to be considered for this. The visitor insurance allows you to use your own doctors and hospitals. The temporary visitors insurance covers physician services like X-rays, laboratory services, inpatient and outpatient hospital surgeries, skilled nurse facility car and rehabilitation (lifetime maximum - $2 million).

The short term insurance or visitor health insurance offer coverage up to six month. This is a good solution for those between jobs or waiting for some other visitor health insurance or visitor medical insurance to start. Ordinarily, the temporary or short term visitors medical insurance doesn't include the coverage for preventive care, physicals, immunization, dental or vision care. However, purchasing a short term visitors medical insurance plan will be unaccepted for the guaranteed individual health policies which are generally known as the HIPAA plans. These plans are generally expensive and for people having a preexisting medical condition. If you wish to be accepted for the HIPAA plans then you must not purchase the short term visitors insurance.

If you are between jobs, waiting for coverage from another health insurance plan to kick off, laid off on strike, a recent college graduate or a seasonal employee then taking a short term visitor insurance is the best. Therefore, you need the short term visitor medical insurance or any other visitors insurance. In such a condition you and your family will need an affordable insurance that can give your family peace of mind.

Short-term health insurance is the ticket for people in transition. Short term health insurance is usually bought in one-month increments, which makes it convenient to drop at the end of the month. You need to read all the limitations and exclusions that are available on the policy form. You must clear all your doubts with the help of your agent. Taking the agent's advice prior to purchase is a good idea.

The short term visitors medical insurance works like an indemnity plan which usually gives you the freedom to go to any doctor or specialist that you want. However, most plans require pre-certification except in the time of emergencies. These pre-certification rules need you to get a pre-certification from the insurer before you are hospitalized. If you fail to pre-certify then you may not be covered by the insurance.

Surgery, hospital care, emergency, diagnostic tests, prescription drugs, follow-up office visits and yet some degree of mental health care is incorporated under most health policies even though they might come with certain sub-limits or special conditions.