Basic Facts for Visitors Health Insurance

by : C.raysondeo

Visitor medical insurance has become increasingly common in the recent times. The frequency of travel as well as an increase in the number of travelers is the reason why travel seems to be an element that can be covered by insurance. Moe and more people travel to foreign destinations.

The reason behind such a travel could be different for different people. For some people, it is a sabbatical activity while for the others it is serious work. The risks of traveling are increasing day by day. There could be wars or terrorist attacks or in some cases, the visitors may take ill. As a result, visitors as an effective way of assuring their safety while in a new country are fast accepting visitor insurance.

Visitor's medical insurance is similar to the ordinary insurance policy. You have to pay the premium which depends upon the insurance plan you choose. The insurance company will combine the premium taken from you, with the premium collected from others, and in this way it will form a pool of money.

This money may be utilized to pay off any medical or travel expenses incurred by any one of the contributors while on a trip to some foreign land. Such travel insurance is also referred to as overseas visitor insurance and is extended to cover medical expenses, accidents, loss of belongings, delay of departure, loss of passport etc.

Visitor health insurance can be bought for a person who may not be physically present at the time of purchase. It means that you can purchase such a policy for any one of your family members in his or her absence. Such a visitors insurance policy should be purchased from a company that is native to the land where you would wish to travel. For example, if you wish to travel to Canada, it is wise to purchase a policy in a Canadian insurance company.

The reason for doing so is that in such a case, your insurance claims in that concerned country will be more easily accepted. For example, if you need to take a medical treatment in a particular country, you may need to make claims from an insurance company in that country.

In such a situation the clinic or hospital where you take the treatment can contact the local center of that company and so the dues can be settled easily. Generally hospitals or clinics refuse to acknowledge insurance claims of a foreign company not having a local center.

The sort of a visitors health insurance you may need depends upon many things like the frequency of travel, the risk posed during such a travel, the country that will be visited, any prevailing medical condition that you may be suffering from etc. Before you make any final decision regarding a purchase, it is wise to inquire about the repute of the insurance company.

The ideal time to draw such a visitors insurance policy is when the traveler has all the important documents in his or her hand. These documents may include the visa, passport, the airline tickets etc. If you are traveling to any of the countries identified as 'high risk countries', a visitors medical insurance is an absolute must for you.