Travel Insurance - Why Do You Need It?

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Tourism is often viewed as one of the more volatile industries as it can be affected in so many different ways yet we all risk our hard earned each year when we book that trip. Some people either don't think of getting travel insurance or they just don't want to whilst others may think they are in perfect health plus physically active so what could go wrong and if something does, they will deal with it then.

Many hundreds of things can stop you from going on your vacation or interrupt it and whilst insurance money is not the answer to everything, it does help if you are away from your home in a foreign country and for less than ten percent of the total cost, can you afford not too? An illness, accident or other unforeseen circumstance can force a traveler to cancel or interrupt their plans and that instance they face two major losses: nonrefundable deposits and medical expenses not covered by insurance.

Remember that if you cancel at the last minute for any reason you will lose all the money you have paid out with no recourse. Travel insurance cover will allow for situations like this along with emergency repatriation, medical expenses, stolen or lost luggage, airline delays and many more incidents that can become expensive.

The number of people that forfeit their vacation deposit each year is astonishing and they could all claim it back if they had travel insurance. Any good travel insurance plan should ensure you are covered for vacation and trip cancellation in which case any money that has been paid towards the trip can be claimed back.

Most trip cancellation plans also include refunds when a trip is interrupted and will include other trips that deposits have been made for. With terrorism on the increase, this is a section of travel insurance to watch out for as some policies will only cover for acts of terrorism when you are in a foreign country.

The biggest determining factor as to the cost of travel insurance will be the age of the person(s) on the policy. If the airline, cruise line or tour operations file for bankruptcy then almost all travel insurance policies include financial default coverage if the program is purchased within 15 days of making the initial trip deposit.

You may often find that your credit card will cover the user for certain areas of their travel which will therefore not be needed as part of the travel insurance. There is nothing strange in this situation but is surprising just how many people do not even check their insurance plans to see what they are insured for.

The fine print on insurance policies can be confusing but is necessary to check as you may be laboring under the false belief that you are covered on areas of the travel insurance for another policy but are not insured at all.